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Create a path to success and prosperity with May McCarthy and Abundance, Inc. A co-founder of several successful multimillion dollar companies, an angel investor, bestselling author and international speaker, May will help you each week with spiritual and practical tools you can use to create a life that you love with greater health, happiness, wealth, and freedom.



Call in to the show at 816-251-3555 to nominate a non-profit organization to receive $50!
One organization will be chosen each week and the recipient will be announced during the next show!


May knows that her success is due to bringing spiritual principles and tools into her seven businesses and her life. It’s her great joy to live her purpose: to Elevate Prosperity and Freedom for all as she inspires audiences around the world and shares easy to implement tools so everyone can experience greater success in all areas of their lives. Don’t delay in creating your wonderful life! Tune in each Thursday from 2pm – 3pm CT on Unity On Line Radio.


Upcoming Shows:


August 16th – Balancing Spirituality and Success

Join May McCarthy for the debut of Abundance Inc. A highly successful serial entrepreneur, author and international speaker, May is an expert in helping people and businesses reach their goals of for success and prosperity. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, don’t dread the work that you do! Discover ways to do the work that you love and make money at the same time. May shares the story of how she created several multi-million dollar businesses using spiritual and practical tools and offers you solid advice you can apply to your work and your life.


August 23rd Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance

Join highly successful serial entrepreneur, author and international speaker, May McCarthy on Abundance Inc. to discover how setting aside just 30 minutes each morning can help you to increase financial abundance in your life. Tune in to learn the simple tools that Inc. magazine calls a “simple morning ritual to prime your brain for success.” Don’t delay in creating the life that you love.


August 30th – Purpose Leads To Prosperity

Studies show that living your purpose enables you to enjoy a healthier and happier life. Let highly successful serial entrepreneur, author and international speaker, May McCarthy on Abundance Inc. show you how your purpose is also a tool for prosperity. You’ll learn a simple process to discover your purpose so that you can live with greater success and happiness! May will also share how the Harvard Business Review revealed that companies with clearly defined purpose statements are more profitable. Now is the time to live your purpose and enjoy greater health and prosperity!

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