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Exclusive Interview with May McCarthy

Exclusive Interview with May McCarthy

Exclusive Interview with May McCarthy, Author of The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance

Stacey Chillemi: What inspired you to write your book?
May McCarthy: The book was inspired by dozens of students in my workshops who asked that a book be created.  They had used the Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance that I share in the workshops, and wanted to have the stories that I describe in the class in a written format. They also wanted to share the information with others who didn’t take the workshops.
Stacey Chillemi: Let us know a bit more about you. What makes you tick?
May McCarthy: I grew up as the last of ten children in Hawaii.  Developing sales and negotiating skills were a requirement to get noticed in a family our size. Although my father was a surgeon, he demonstrated a passion for entrepreneurship in the businesses that he started.  Eight of his ten children are entrepreneurs and I personally have been part of six start-up companies growing the largest to over $100 million in annual revenues.
My parents also demonstrated serving others by giving in our community.  My father gave away free care to patients who couldn’t pay. And my parents helped doctors that were new to our area to get their start in our community by giving them a period of free rent in their office buildings and helping them to find patients to serve so that they could build their businesses.  Our family always had more than enough and my parents attributed this to “giving first in order to receive.” That’s been a lifelong belief of mine and shows up in most everything that I do. I spend a lot of my time and resources helping others to succeed and live their dreams. Like my parents, I’ve received more than enough as a result.
Stacey Chillemi: You’ve got a new book called “The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance.” Do you want to tell us about your book?
May McCarthy: The simplest way to describe this book is that it is a combination of successful and practical goal attainment techniques that I’ve developed over 32 years of business, with a proven spiritual practice. To achieve goals in life, I ask readers to revisit their goals daily, be grateful for achieving them in advance, and to rely on a spiritual partner to guide them, through intuition and other messaging, to take steps on a path that leads to goal attainment. Many famous and successful people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah, and Dr. Wayne Dyer have claimed that intuitive messages have helped them to be successful.  I agree, and in The Path to Wealth I share simple and specific steps that help readers to develop a partnership with the source of intuitive messages so they can achieve the success that they desire.
Stacey Chillemi: How did you come up with the title?
May McCarthy: The Path to Wealth seemed appropriate considering that I ask readers to follow a path created by their spiritual partner to obtain their desired goals. Each partner in the partnership has a specific role with responsibilities.  The reader’s job is to decide what they want as their goal(s).  The spiritual partner, who I affectionately refer to as the Chief Spiritual Officer (CSO), has a job to create the path to goal attainment. The CSO gives the reader one step to take at a time along the path.  The reader takes the step or asks for another lead as confirmation if they feel scared or unsure.  Eventually, the reader feels confident to take the steps they’ve been led to take along the path to achieve their goal(s).  The process becomes much easier and more fun over time.
Stacey Chillemi: So what should business owners, website owners and future entrepreneurs be doing to obtain financial abundance?
May McCarthy: The first step is to be clear about what they want to achieve and take on a spiritual partner to help them so that they aren’t doing all of the work themselves.  Becoming clear about a goal is vitally important so that their spiritual partner has enough information to create the perfect path to attainment. Then, they should revisit their goals daily, be grateful for achieving them in advance, and imagine the successful outcomes. They will also need to keep their channels of communication with their spiritual partner clear.  This is done by eliminating what I refer to as “blocks on the path to their Good”.  Blocks include anger, resentment, doubt, fear, limiting beliefs, and unforgiveness towards others or themselves. As an example of a block, try to remember a time that you were really angry about something.  If someone tried to have a conversation with you at that same time, you wouldn’t be able to hear everything that they said because you were consumed with the anger you were feeling.  The same thing happens in your spiritual partnership.  If you have strong negative emotions running through you, then the messages from your CSO won’t be heard.  You need to remove those blocks. The techniques described in my book can help.
Stacey Chillemi: What is your top tip for making money and becoming a successful entrepreneur?
May McCarthy: My top tip is to be of service to all stakeholders in your business including your co-workers, customers, suppliers, and your world. When you help all of the stakeholders to be successful, you will be helping yourself and your company to achieve greater levels of success. Certainly, there are practical steps to becoming successful in business, and I don’t discount these because I use them all the time.  However, if you have an attitude of service, which I call “Customer Service DNA”, you’ll find that you will experience greater success and have more fun in the process.
Stacey Chillemi: What prime motivation to create the Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance?
May McCarthy: My mission is to elevate prosperity and freedom for all in our world. This book helps me to live this mission.
Stacey Chillemi: Describe how obtaining financial abundance can impact people’s lives?
May McCarthy: I believe that we live in a bountiful universe and that financial abundance is available for everyone to experience. Obtaining financial abundance allows us not only to experience comfortable lives with all of our needs met, but it also allows us to do good works to help others. Most religious traditions agree that abundance and prosperity are virtues, not vices, because of the good works that we can do with the resources. If your goal is to make money, you can achieve it.  But, if your goal is to realize success for your company, your coworkers, your customers, your suppliers and your world while thriving, and being profitable, debt free, and cash flow positive, you may find that you are inspired by your spiritual partner to take steps along a path that you never thought of before which returns greater success and abundance to you and all of your stakeholders. It’s remarkable to turn around after achieving a goal and look at the path that the CSO created. Most often, I am amazed that I would have never thought of the path I was led to follow. Everyone can experience this.
Stacey Chillemi: Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
May McCarthy: I’d like them to know that life can be a game of fun and prosperity when they realize that they don’t have to do everything themselves. They can commit to taking on a spiritual partner that wants to help them succeed and will help them to realize all of their goals, dreams, and desires. If they commit to spending 30 minutes every morning practicing the steps, they will realize more of what they want in life, while having more fun in the process.
Stacey Chillemi: What are your current projects?
May McCarthy: I spend a lot of time helping others to achieve their goals for success. I travel the country sharing the message in my book and have dozens of events planned this year already. I also help entrepreneurship students become the business leaders of tomorrow as the Chair of the Board for Seattle University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. I help to fund a MBA University program in Hyderabad, India for “Untouchables” so they can get decent paying jobs with companies operating in India and elevate their economic power and influence in the country. I help mentor entrepreneurs through the Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association so their new companies can serve their communities in successful and sustainable ways. I invest in early stage companies to grow our collective economy.  And, I also serve on other boards for arts, business, educational and philanthropic organizations.
Stacey Chillemi: Do you have a website people can visit?
May McCarthy: Yes, thank you. www.maymccarthy.com will take you to the book information tab on my website. I also list all of the upcoming events that are scheduled on the same site.
Stacey Chillemi: Where can people find your book?
My book can be found in the major on line retailers and through Hierophant Publishing (www.thepathtowealthbook.com)
About the Author
Since 1982, May McCarthy has founded and grown several successful companies in a variety of industries, including fashion retail, domestic and international telecommunications, and healthcare software and capital equipment, which have gone on to grow to 250 employees and over $100 million in annual revenues. As part of McCarthy's passion for entrepreneurship, she is an active angel investor and advises a variety of startup companies. She also serves on boards for philanthropic, arts, and educational service organizations.
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