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“Within the halls of SWIHA (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts) there is an unspoken secret, of sorts, about a special kind of power we all kind of know about, mostly believe in, and yet may not always tap into. It’s the woo-woo stuff that those outside our little SWIHA bubble might scoff at, albeit behind our backs. And yet, multimillionaire entrepreneur and angel investor May McCarthy puts it right out there, in a book, and speaks about it regularly...

I really can’t tell you much more or I’ll spoil the ‘punch-lines’ for you. Let me just say this, in Part Two of May’s book, you’ll go deeper into the steps to gain insight about your purpose, learn how to successfully navigate financial ups and downs, overcome the fear of failure, as well as eliminate old beliefs and behaviors that have kept you from experiencing the success you really want. Best of all, the steps outlined in May’s book will teach you how to develop your own financial intuition."

KC Miller
Founder and Director
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

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