Dr. Rev. Kathianne Lewis | CSL Seattle

May has said “yes” to sharing the spiritual practice and tools that she has incorporated into her life as a successful multi-million dollar serial entrepreneur, generous philanthropist, and angel investor. She has presented workshops for hundreds in my congregation who have learned her simple methods that lead to success for all.

Reverend Bernette Lee Jones, Senior Minister | One God One Thought Center for Better Living

"May's presence was energizing and beneficial in so many ways and helped our people in building greater momentum in affirming prosperity consciousness in every area of life. The feedback has been incredible!  Our people are in action!  Momentum is generating excitement and joy both individually and collectively!  We are eternally grateful for the gift of our experience with May.  Her generous, warm and loving Spirit is impacting the future of our people and our organization.  Her divine presence will make a great contribution wherever she shows up on the planet.  She’d definitely invited back!" - Reverend Bernette Lee Jones, Senior Minister | One God One Thought Center for Better Living

Reverend Staci Hylton | Co-Senior Minister | Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living

"Thank you for you coming to Vegas and facilitating our Board Retreat, speaking at our Sunday Service and for your amazing workshop Sunday afternoon.  I am so happy to have a “new” spiritual practice that includes me writing which is one of my favorite past times.  My heart and mind feel in alignment so I know great things are in store for not only myself but our congregation in 2018.  It is with a grateful heart that I share that the first week of November we received a tithe of $30,000 to an additional $800 was given to our Ministry of Prayer Team.  We had a week that our service received almost 3x what we normally receive in financial contributions.  Our congregation is open and receptive to talking about money.  I know that this is a new beginning for our Center.  I am so very grateful and look forward to you visiting us again." - Reverend Staci Hylton | Co-Senior Minister | Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living

Eric Wehrly | Seattle University Professor

“Your presentation about the characteristics of an Entrepreneur and the different vehicles available for financing a new company was simply outstanding. Thank you for doing a great job and using your own stories from your many businesses to make the information more valuable. The feedback from the attendees is exceptional and is some of the best we have ever had.” - Eric Wehrly | Albers School of Business

Jennifer Martin | Vice President of Sales

“Your easy to understand Win-Win Sales Strategies helped our company to increase sales to our current customers and gain new clients easily. The tools that you’ve provided to us are appreciated and allow us to use new methods to benefit our customers and our company through our valued business relationships.” Jennifer Martin | Institutional Purchasing Service

Cathi Hatch | Chief Executive Officer

“Thank you for sharing your experience at the ZINO Society Investment Forum. Your participation and input was fascinating and provided great information for the attendees whom I know appreciated your credible experience as a successful serial entrepreneur and angel investor. You inspired a number of the companies looking for angel investment to add clarity, substance, and passion to their presentations.” - Cathi Hatch | Zino Society

Rev. Charles | Senior Minister | Universal Truth Center for Better Living

"May McCarthy was a guest speaker and workshop facilitator at our Center recently in June 2018. Our community first experienced May at our church’s annual Women’s Retreat and later at our annual organizational conference, and each time her presentation was brilliant. May McCarthy is a spiritual entrepreneur, her presence is energizing. The feedback has been incredible- in particular about the systematic and orderly process that taught us a proven method to start the day by contacting your CSO with gratitude, being intentional with our desires and focusing on our goals. She was very well received and her message was excellent. Her authentic manner and her application of spiritual principles in her life was truly an inspiration to us all. May McCarthy’s teachings based in her Path to Wealth philosophy are spiritually and financially sound, ethical and practical. What a joy it was to have her as our speaker, thank-you for sharing your experience with our community." - Reverend Charles | Senior Minister | Universal Truth Center for Better Living

Rev. Abigail Schairer | Associate Minister | Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle

“May is always a delight to have speak at Center for Spiritual Living. She presented her new system and book The Gratitude Formula during our two services and at a very successful workshop. I took her workshop a couple of years ago on The Path to Wealth and incorporated her efficiency techniques and writing to my Chief Spiritual Officer into my daily spiritual practice. I found the recent workshop to help add clarity and additional expansion in various areas of my life. I enjoy May’s practical use of Goal Setting combined with Gratitude. Her techniques are simple and easy to apply to daily life. And I appreciate her story telling technique to get her message across.” - Reverend Abigail Schairer | Associate Minister | Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle

Cynthia Clay | President of NetSpeed

“I just wanted to say thank you for a great workshop. I have spent time reviewing my notes, and I really feel like it was a valuable 6 hours of learning. From the presentation to the group discussions, I came away from the class with ideas, new perspective, confidence in things I’m already doing, and inspiration to set and reach new goals easily. I would recommend any organization or individual that is interested in meeting and exceeding more of their goals to take this workshop.” - Cynthia Clay  | NetSpeed Learning Solutions

Reverend Stephen Towles | Unity Spiritual Center of North Idaho

“I am grateful for what May McCarthy brought to the people at Unity Center in Coeur d’Alene ID and myself as well.  Her message is timely and potent and I know will make a difference.  I very much enjoyed May’s workshop, and having attended what seems like a million workshops over the last 40+ years, I can be easily distracted.  May McCarthy’s material and her way of approaching the practical use of the spiritual principles are clearly inspired and very helpful and I know will help us move forward abundantly.” - Reverend Stephen Towles | Unity Spiritual Center of North Idaho

Nicole Turner | Founder of Nicole Turner Yoga

I can't say enough amazing things about May McCarthy's book 'The Path To Wealth'. I thoroughly enjoyed every page and read it faster than I have read a book in a while. There are so many beautiful mindset and behavior tips to learn and I love how she's taken philosophical concepts that have been around for thousands of years and applied them to building financial, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wealth in one's life. This book was exactly the inspiration I needed at a time in my own life where I felt extremely stuck and frustrated and was not doing well financially. Thank you May for sharing your light and bringing this book and all it's wonderful, life changing goodies to the world." - Nicole Turner | Founder of Nicole Turner Yoga

Rev. Cathy Jean Norman | Unity of Santa Barbara

If I were to describe May McCarthy and her workshop with 3 adjectives...it would be BRILLIANT, DYNAMIC, and INSPIRING! Having May give a Sunday Sermon followed by a workshop at Unity of Santa Barbara left everyone who attended feeling motivated to live their best lives! I took the workshop as well, and I continue to start my day with great spiritual practices. She is a great LIGHT that shines throughout the New Thought movement. I would highly recommend May to help take people in your congregation from "Woe is me" to "WOW! IT'S ME!"

Eric J. Miller | Treasurer Unity of Chattanooga, TN

My wife and I have been using the CSO daily practice for 6 years. May’s workshop changed our relationship with abundance and we are still seeing miraculous results. It was an honor to have May McCarthy come to speak at Unity of Chattanooga. Her service talk and workshop are inspiring and empowering the first time and every time we take it. Our congregation loved it and are still talking about how they are applying her success and gratitude principles into their lives and seeing direct and positive results.

Rev. Marcia L. MacLean, RScP | CEO and Spiritual Director

“I am moved to share with you all about the amazing board retreat, Sunday talk and afternoon workshop May McCarthy just blessed us with. We are grateful on so many levels for the gifts that May brought with her, and it is clear that she brings these with her everywhere she goes, into all that she shares. May brings more than tools for empowered and successful living. She brings them with a warmth and ease that instantly makes everyone feel comfortable and special. We've had feedback of gratitude and appreciation, as well as many success stories already flooding in, as participants began their daily practice as outlined in May’s book, The Path to Wealth. We feel very, very blessed and encourage all Centers of every size to consider having May visit your leadership and your congregations.”Rev. Marcia L. MacLean, RScP, CEO and Spiritual Director | Center for Spiritual Living Palm Beaches

Rev. Bill Englehart Senior Minister | Unity of Martin

“It was my pleasure to have May McCarthy speak at Unity In Marin. I am so glad I listened to my Chief Spiritual Officer that inspired me  to invite her to come speak. She was very well received and her message was excellent. Her authentic manner and her application of spiritual principles in her life was truly an inspiration to us all. I have heard many speakers over the years and I must say she is one of the best! If you have not yet had her speak at your organization I would suggest you do not delay and contact her today! I am already scheduling her return visit! ” Rev. Bill Englehart Senior Minister | Unity of Martin

Sheila McKeithen, President | Universal Foundation for Better Living, Inc.

"May McCarthy’s teachings based in her Path to Wealth philosophy are spiritually and financially sound, ethical and practical. They inspire personal growth manifesting in increased demonstrations of wealth, in all areas of living. Additionally, they heighten one’s dependence on the invaluable voice of intuition.  The Path to Wealth has given me tools that I can work with on a daily basis to expand my wealth consciousness, including raising the bar on my expectations of increase and the extension of my reach in the world. I highly recommend her program for any individual, group or company desiring to demonstrate greater levels of wealth in all areas of life, including finances." - Sheila McKeithen, President | Universal Foundation for Better Living, Inc.

Reverend Sharon | Spiritual Leader

“Well, we went outside our norm to include your easy to understand Business Planning, Marketing and Sales workshop series at our Church and it was a great success for us. The survey feedback indicated that all attendees would like to sign up for your advanced classes on these same topics. The personal stories that you shared to illustrate the “principles in action” with a reliance on faith were a hit. All appreciated the exercises to practice the methods in their own jobs. You were very entertaining and informative and it was well received.” -  Reverend Sharon Ramey | Center for Spiritual Living

Pauline Broome-Webster | Committee Chair UTC

“Our committee recently hired May to be a presenter at my Church's Annual Women's Retreat in St. Augustine, Florida. May's presentation was clear, concise, practical, dynamic, and very relevant. The group was blessed by the information that May delivered in her special and unique way. I came away feeling absolutely empowered to see more abundance and prosperity manifested in not only my life, but in the lives of those with whom I interact. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to change their life while following the guidance of Divine Spirit.”

Pauline Broome-Webster
Committee Chair of UTC and Business Owner

Paul Ramey | CEO of PSS

“I and my employees enjoyed May’s workshop that taught us a simple way to rely more on intuition as a means to success.  She is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who walks her talk with true stories to show how to apply the teachings.”    

Reverend Kathryn Brenson | Senior Minister, Center for Spiritual Living, Cape Coral, FL

“Beautiful, powerful, clear Sunday talk and workshop. I would highly recommend May McCarthy to any Center, Church, or other venue.”

Reverend Kathryn Brenson
Senior Minister, Center for Spiritual Living, Cape Coral, FL

Reverend David Robinson | Senior Minister, Center for Spiritual Living, Redding

“May McCarthy presented her Path to Wealth program at CSL Redding, giving the Sunday talk, then presenting an afternoon workshop to about 55 enthusiastic people. We found this program to be inspiring, easy to practice and supported numerous people in significant shifts in their own lives, not just in terms of money, but in greater understanding of life direction and purpose, healthier relationships and an overall greater sense of connection with the Universe. I found May herself to be enjoyable and easy to work with both for the program and the follow-up that we did. I would highly recommend May and the Path to Wealth program for any individual or spiritual center looking to establish a workable practice for greater connection with the One and lifting of overall prosperity consciousness.”

Rev. David Robinson
Senior Minister, Center for Spiritual Living, Redding

Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington | Director

Our spiritual community was extremely blessed to have May McCarthy with us as our guest speaker and presenter of her powerful CSO workshop.  In both the Sunday service and the workshop, she presented solid spiritual principles wrapped in a most delightful and engaging package.  She is articulate, spiritually grounded, joy-filled and engaging.  And to top it off, she's a dream to work with behind the scenes.  Weeks after her visit with us, I am hearing congregants talk about the beautiful demonstrations that are occurring now that they are having their daily CSO meetings.  It just doesn't get any better than that!  Thank you, May.

Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington
Senior Spiritual Director
Creative Living Fellowship, Phoenix, AZ


Rev. Nancy Norman | Minister

May McCarthy’s authentic sharing of her journey with her CSO was enthusiastically and delightfully received by Unity of Delray Beach.  Her Sunday morning talk at both services was a beautiful continuation of practical spiritual Truth principles combined with actual stories of how it works, and was very inspiring. The afternoon workshop was extremely well attended and very informative.  May is a master presenter and allows participation and interaction which proved to be a valuable teaching tool. I plan to use her model of the 7 Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance in my Board meetings.  My C.F.O., who attended the service, wants his assistant and team to read the book. We have sold out of her book on a number of occasions.  People love to give it to adult children, family and friends.  It is so practical, logical, inspiring and putting it very simply, “It works.” We look forward to having May return to Unity of Delray Beach in the near future.

Reverend Nancy Norman
Minister, Unity of Delray Beach, FL


Bruce Baird | Founder

Thank you for your workshop in Asheville, NC on June 5th. Your workshop has given me a new  path and a financial game  plan which my wife and I am adopting, as of today. I appreciate you for bringing real world business principles into a coherent, workable and organized approach from the experience of one who has been in the arena. You are a great , sincere, and funny  presenter!

Bruce Baird
Founder, National Golf Schools for Women
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Makena Phillips | Business Owner

"I am very grateful for the transformational business advice that you and Bizzultz provided my company to grow our sales and profits.  As spectacular as that is, it was your CSO class that has forever changed how I move and breathe in every moment within my business.  My daily practice and how you explained it, shifted my relationship with Spirit into one that is very personal, safe and familiar.  We're like a happy old married couple!  "Coveting with Spirit" has made my life and my business so much easier.  The simplicity of "just doing my part" has allowed a wealth of miracles to come flooding to me to do the things that are not my joy to do!  As I sit and write this, I realize that the dark and scary moments which had become such familiar friends over years, have simply vanished!  Since starting this process my business has grown dramatically.  I am forever grateful for your CSO class and how it has changed my life!   Your sound business advice changed how I think about my business and has profoundly affected how I go about negotiating business opportunities!  Thank you so much May, you are truly a blessing in my life!" - Makena Phillips | Shepard Moon Concoctions

Rev. Mike Irwin | Spiritual Director

"May McCarthy's CSO workshop was one of the best attended workshops we have offered. Her talk during the service gave us the inspiration and what's possible; her workshop provided the meat and the practices in easy to understand, practical steps. Folks are still talking about the shifts that have taken place for them and thanking me for having May as a guest speaker and teacher."

Rev. Mike Irwin
Spiritual Director
CSL Kansas City



Rev. Yvonne Cottrell | Shining Mountains CSL

May McCarthy’s workshop had the largest attendance of any guest speaker and workshop presenter at our Center to date! Her Sunday message was very well received and inspired folks to learn more about receiving their greater good. May’s enthusiastically engaging style and her truly inspiring presentation of the topic made this a gem of a workshop. Her interaction with the participants is so real and tangible, it’s only natural to relate to her as someone you’ve known for a long time.  Not only did participants learn new techniques in her workshop, it also provided an opportunity for a greater understanding of oneself.  May’s vibrancy of who she is shines through her work; a clear example of practicing and living what she teaches. I look forward to a return visit, and her new book.

Rev. Liesa Garcia | Reno CSL

“May McCarthy's impactful workshop on partnering with your CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer) drew an eager, open and substantial audience at our Spiritual Center.  By the end of our time with May and her brilliantly compiled materials, all participants had a new experience of how to fulfill their hearts' desires and reach their financial goals.  And it's the gift that keeps on giving--I hear feedback almost daily from people who are integrating this work into their lives and reaping the benefits.  May is an excellent, engaging presenter and she knows of which she speaks.  I would not hesitate in inviting her back.”

Ileana Vassiliou | President

“I hear May McCarthy’s CSO Workshop participants, weeks after the workshop, exclaim about their increase of success and joy on an ongoing basis as a result of the workshop tools. Not only are business owners talking about increased success, but everyone is talking about the increased sweetness of their personal relationship to a higher power. The workshop tools are imminently practical and so easy and fun to apply.  As a business leader and successful business owner I am confident I am doubling my business revenue.  I am directly attributing that revenue multiplier to May’s Workshop.” Ileana Vassiliou
President of Creating Effective Organizations, Inc.
and the Better Business Breakfast Leader - Center for Spiritual Living Reno

Bobby Bakshi | Consultant

“Goal setting is an incredibly important part of my life. Thanks to May McCarthy’s workshop, Decide What You Want, Then Have It, I’ve become more intentional in my goal setting process using the tools that May shared to incorporate a daily practice that keeps me focused on my results. May's program inspired me to consistently follow the daily process of being intentional so that goal attainment becomes my natural state. I now receive more of the things that I want in both my professional and personal lives.”

Sue Peterson | Client Manager

“May, thank you for speaking earlier this month on the Power of Intentions. I was very pleased at how much the topic resonated with members of the Rainier Club and also caused them to bring friends and/or co-workers to start the year off with good intentions. I found it especially helpful to understand the difference between an intention and a goal and the value in being more specific. I look forward to attaining more of my goals in 2015 as a result.” Susan Peterson CFA | Client Manager
Cornerstone Advisors Inc.

Rev. Laura | CSL Palm Desert

"May’s down-to-earth style was well received at Center for Spiritual Living -- Palm Desert.  Her message was powerful as it was obvious that she walks her talk.  Her discussion regarding her partnership with her CSO enticed many to take her workshop that followed the Sunday service.  We had congregants who didn’t attend service that day but watched her on Live Stream and then felt compelled to come to the Center to participate in her workshop.  May is a gentle but powerful soul who is changing lives in a very impactful way!"


Rev. Laura Shackelford |Asst. Minister
Center for Spiritual Living -- Palm Desert

Rev. Doug | CSL Greater Las Vegas

“May’s work is so accessible and so relevant; a congregant came in TWO MONTHS after May’s presentations and gave us a check for 10% ($900) of the commission he had made on his first real estate deal – a result of the daily letters to the CSO he had committed to when she was here. This stuff works!”

Reverend Doug Foglesong
Spiritual Director
Center for Spiritual Living, Greater Las Vegas


Rev. Abigail | CSL Peninsula

“May McCarthy is the kind of person I aspire to be. She's wildly successful with a deep passionate heart to serve humanity and share her gifts. She showed up to our center joy filled and asked how she could help. Within minutes she was folding bulletins and laughing with all of us as we prepared for a wonderful Sunday. After our service I found her workshop to be powerful and profound, yet provided simple tools that were easy to incorporate. I have personally adopted her technique of partnering with my Chief Spiritual Officer and added it to my regular daily spiritual

KC Miller | Founder SWIHA

“Within the halls of SWIHA (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts) there is an unspoken secret, of sorts, about a special kind of power we all kind of know about, mostly believe in, and yet may not always tap into. It’s the woo-woo stuff that those outside our little SWIHA bubble might scoff at, albeit behind our backs. And yet, multimillionaire entrepreneur and angel investor May McCarthy puts it right out there, in a book, and speaks about it regularly...

Susan Overland | CSL San Jose

“May McCarthy was a guest speaker and workshop facilitator at our Center and it was brilliant. Her materials are very accessible and her presentation style also created a level or comfort and ease around a topic that often has people mystified. We used her book, Path to Wealth; Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance, as our book of the month which, when coupled with May’s workshop, explained the steps so clearly and energized the attendees; so much so that many of them are still talking about and practicing the steps over a month later. We highly recommend anything offered by May McCarthy and Bizzultz!”

Rev. Susan Overland & Rev. Meghan Dake-Morrell
Assistant Ministers
Center for Spiritual Living, San Jose

Rev. Alan Vukas | Suncoast CSL

“May McCarthy’s workshop: The Path to Wealth - Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance was a huge hit at our Center. It was our first such workshop and it exceeded our expectations. It was fun, informative and practical. As a speaker and facilitator, May’s passion shines through in her engaging delivery and her support for all of her workshop participants; and the way she presents these spiritual principles is genius! It has been a couple of weeks and people are still talking about it and the results they are having as a result from applying what they learned. Those who did not attend are asking when she will be coming back due to the buzz that the workshop created. We look forward to having her at our Center again.”

Reverend Alan Vukas
Senior Minister
Suncoast Center for Spiritual Living 

Dr. Tom Sannar | CSL San Diego

“May McCarthy is a prosperity genius. She has developed a clear prosperity plan that is easy to teach and implement. She was very inspiring and was met with great enthusiasm at One Heart One Mind Center for Spiritual Living in San Diego. She provided us with a complete recipe for financial success. Now that we have the recipe, it is up to each of us to engage in the discipline of delight to implement it.”

Dr. Tom Sannar
Senior Minister & Spiritual Director
One Heart-One Mind Center for Spiritual Living – San Diego

Dr. Harry Morgan Moses | Spirit Works CSL

"What a joy it was to have you as our speaker and to share in your powerful “Path to Wealth” workshop. Our spiritual family is immersed in establishing habits and attitudes to make room in consciousness for greater Abundance.  Your visionary presentation filled with antidotes, stories, and great illustrations followed by your workshop which offered specific techniques, brought forth great benefit to all who had the good fortune to attend! Your warmth, compassion, clarity, and passion to empower people are a joy to experience. We look forward to having you here in Burbank again soon!"

Dr. Harry Morgan Moses
Sr. Spiritual Director
Spirit Works CSL - Burbank, CA

Andrei D. Guschin, PhD | Foster School of Business

“Thank you for sharing your impressive experience with our Entrepreneurship class! You did a terrific presentation: your message was simple, clear and powerful.  It should help students to realize the importance of establishing goals in life and how to achieve them.”

Andrei G. Guschin, PhD
University of Washington, Foster School of Business

Dr. Georgia Prescott | Center for Spiritual Awareness

“May McCarthy provided the Center for Spiritual Awareness with three giant steps forward.  First she facilitated a workshop with our Board of Trustees, setting new goals and refining old ones as well as sharing her process for bringing Spirit into meeting those goals.  Our Board left her seminar excited and committed!  Second, with an engaging and inspiring sermon, filled with wonderful stories, to help folks in our congregation get started on their path to wealth, and third with a workshop that folks are still referring to as they use her 7 step method of welcoming their good into their lives.  I would highly recommend May to help take your church or Center from good to great!”

Dr. Georgia Prescott
Sr. Minister
Center for Spiritual Awareness – Sacramento, CA


Kyla Aquino | Board Member

“It was an absolute honor and a delight to have May McCarthy speak at our Center and facilitate workshops with both our congregants and our board of trustees. Prior to her visit, we already began to utilize the technology in her book, "Path to Wealth," and have been enjoying the powerful methodology and practice. When Ms. McCarthy visited, we found her delivery absolutely charming and very engaging. She brings joy and ease to the topic of prosperity--which can often bring anxiety and discomfort. We can't wait to welcome her back next year, when we have manifested all of our community prosperity goals we set forth with her guidance!”

Kyla Aquino
Board member and workshop attendee
Center for Spiritual Awareness -Sacramento, CA

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