Reverend Staci Hylton | Co-Senior Minister | Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living

"Thank you for you coming to Vegas and facilitating our Board Retreat, speaking at our Sunday Service and for your amazing workshop Sunday afternoon.  I am so happy to have a “new” spiritual practice that includes me writing which is one of my favorite past times.  My heart and mind feel in alignment so I know great things are in store for not only myself but our congregation in 2018.  It is with a grateful heart that I share that the first week of November we received a tithe of $30,000 to an additional $800 was given to our Ministry of Prayer Team.  We had a week that our service received almost 3x what we normally receive in financial contributions.  Our congregation is open and receptive to talking about money.  I know that this is a new beginning for our Center.  I am so very grateful and look forward to you visiting us again." - Reverend Staci Hylton | Co-Senior Minister | Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living

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