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"I am very grateful for the transformational business advice that you and Bizzultz provided my company to grow our sales and profits.  As spectacular as that is, it was your CSO class that has forever changed how I move and breathe in every moment within my business.  My daily practice and how you explained it, shifted my relationship with Spirit into one that is very personal, safe and familiar.  We're like a happy old married couple!  "Coveting with Spirit" has made my life and my business so much easier.  The simplicity of "just doing my part" has allowed a wealth of miracles to come flooding to me to do the things that are not my joy to do!  As I sit and write this, I realize that the dark and scary moments which had become such familiar friends over years, have simply vanished!  Since starting this process my business has grown dramatically.  I am forever grateful for your CSO class and how it has changed my life!   Your sound business advice changed how I think about my business and has profoundly affected how I go about negotiating business opportunities!  Thank you so much May, you are truly a blessing in my life!" - Makena Phillips | Shepard Moon Concoctions

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We provide advice around business, sales and marketing planning, as well as the design of successful execution strategies.

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