Creating a World that Works for Everyone!

Creating a World that Works for Everyone!
By: May McCarthy


I was recently part of a discussion panel and the topic was abundance.  During the conversation, the panel was asked what we could do to help people to achieve abundance when so much of the world is experiencing poverty and poor living conditions. You’re welcome to hear how our panel responded by listening to the discussion on This recording will coincide with the Fall Summer Book Sale that begins on September 19th at  Check out the sale for 21 ebooks at 99 cents each!

In our world, we are exposed to a number of lifestyle reports that evoke strong emotional reactions within us. We may see evidence that proves that poverty, hunger, and lack exist. We may be exposed to situations that highlight gender and race inequality.  We may have strong feelings about the political system and decisions that our elected leaders are making. All of these issues can emotionally drain us and be so overwhelming that we feel paralyzed, unable to do anything except complain about the problems and hope that someone else will do something to fix them. In this state it’s difficult for you to experience what you really want - to live in a world that works for everyone.scribe your goals as

To end your paralysis and help create the world that you want, here are a few things that you can do to stay focused on what you’d like to experience for yourself and for all in our world:

  1. Use your daily spiritual practice to describe the world that you want to live in.   
    1. Continue to describe what you want for yourself in terms of your health, relationships, self-expression, finances, recreation and your spiritual connection.
    2. Describe what you want for everyone else in our world and the world that you’d like to live in that works for all.
    3. It’s important that you describe your goals as already completed. e.g. I am so grateful that I and all people in our world are living happy, healthy, and safe lives with all of our needs met in lawful ways.  I am grateful that all of us, our families, friends, neighbors, pets, and properties are divinely safe and protected at all times under grace and in perfect ways. Thank you CSO that all of us receive new opportunities to grow and prosper as we show respect and appreciation for each other at all times. I love the world that we live in!
  2. Ask your Spiritual Partner for guidance and direction.
    1. Throughout the day, ask your Spiritual Partner to show you what is yours to do. e.g. CSO, give me a definite lead, show me what is mine to do to help create the world that I want to live in.
    2. Take the step that your Spiritual partner gives you or ask for another lead. e.g. You may feel called to volunteer at a food bank or at your church. You may have a strong thought about donating to an organization like Habitat for Humanity or an international charity providing clean water systems overseas. You may be asked to share your skills and talents with organizations that train people to become entry level employees. You may feel inspired to clean out your home and donate usable clothing and goods to organizations who share them with people who can use them. When you get the lead, it’s important that you take action or ask for another lead. Eventually, you will need to do what you’re led to do.
  3. Look for stories that show how others’ generosity is having a positive impact.
    1. As you learn about what others are doing to be generous with their time, talents, and treasures, you will realize that the world is filled with many good people and you’ll be inspired to take action. e.g. A police officer in Missouri helped to buy a woman a car when hers broke down. A janitor at a school donated a lot of saved money to his local foodbank when he retired. A local couple passed out clothing and blankets in homeless camps with others from the Union Gospel Mission. A woman donated professional clothing and her time to an organization that helps people prepare for job interviews.
    2. You’ll begin to recognize that your help, in whatever way that you’re able, makes a positive impact in other’s lives and in our world. You don’t have to solve the entire problem – you can do what you’re led to do and it will help.

As you make the choice to focus your attention and actions as described above, you’ll recognize that you don’t ever have to feel overwhelmed and paralyzed. It’s not your job to fix everything that you feel is wrong in our world. You are called to do your part to help others and to create the world that you want to live in. If you keep yourself calm, your Spiritual Partner will be able to provide you with leads and messages that guide you to the steps that you can take to achieve your goal of a world that works for everyone. Trust that Spirit is guiding others to do the same.

You can learn more success principles in my book, The Path to Wealth; Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance.

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