May McCarthy

May McCarthy

May co-founded & has grown six successful companies in fashion retail, telecommunications, healthcare IT with software & equipment for national &international hospital systems. As a speaker, she shares successful business development strategies that make work more profitable &fun!

Makena Phillips | Business Owner

"I am very grateful for the transformational business advice that you and Bizzultz provided my company to grow our sales and profits.  As spectacular as that is, it was your CSO class that has forever changed how I move and breathe in every moment within my business.  My daily practice and how you explained it, shifted my relationship with Spirit into one that is very personal, safe and familiar.  We're like a happy old married couple!  "Coveting with Spirit" has made my life and my business so much easier.  The simplicity of "just doing my part" has allowed a wealth of miracles to come flooding to me to do the things that are not my joy to do!  As I sit and write this, I realize that the dark and scary moments which had become such familiar friends over years, have simply vanished!  Since starting this process my business has grown dramatically.  I am forever grateful for your CSO class and how it has changed my life!   Your sound business advice changed how I think about my business and has profoundly affected how I go about negotiating business opportunities!  Thank you so much May, you are truly a blessing in my life!" - Makena Phillips | Shepard Moon Concoctions

Cynthia Clay | President of NetSpeed

“I just wanted to say thank you for a great workshop. I have spent time reviewing my notes, and I really feel like it was a valuable 6 hours of learning. From the presentation to the group discussions, I came away from the class with ideas, new perspective, confidence in things I’m already doing, and inspiration to set and reach new goals easily. I would recommend any organization or individual that is interested in meeting and exceeding more of their goals to take this workshop.” - Cynthia Clay  | NetSpeed Learning Solutions

Intuition as a key to success!

Ever ask yourself: “What would it take to be as successful as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, or even Thomas Edison who created the light bulb?” Clearly, all of these people had passion about their fields of expertise, and that is important. But, they also relied on something that we all have – intuition.  The difference between them and many of us is the choice that they made to rely on their intuition and instinct, even when they didn’t have a clear understanding of the outcome.  You can do this too and experience greater levels of success, prosperity, and freedom!

Cathi Hatch | Chief Executive Officer

“Thank you for sharing your experience at the ZINO Society Investment Forum. Your participation and input was fascinating and provided great information for the attendees whom I know appreciated your credible experience as a successful serial entrepreneur and angel investor. You inspired a number of the companies looking for angel investment to add clarity, substance, and passion to their presentations.” - Cathi Hatch | Zino Society

Jennifer Martin | Vice President of Sales

“Your easy to understand Win-Win Sales Strategies helped our company to increase sales to our current customers and gain new clients easily. The tools that you’ve provided to us are appreciated and allow us to use new methods to benefit our customers and our company through our valued business relationships.” Jennifer Martin | Institutional Purchasing Service

Eric Wehrly | Seattle University Professor

“Your presentation about the characteristics of an Entrepreneur and the different vehicles available for financing a new company was simply outstanding. Thank you for doing a great job and using your own stories from your many businesses to make the information more valuable. The feedback from the attendees is exceptional and is some of the best we have ever had.” - Eric Wehrly | Albers School of Business

May McCarthy, CEO | Bizzultz LLC

Since 1982, May has co-founded and grown six successful companies in fashion retail, telecommunications, and healthcare IT with software and equipment for national and international hospital systems.  She alos worked for Fortune 500 companies like Johnson & Johnson and Boeing in sales and capital equipment purchasing, contracting, and barcode logistics design. May is an angel investor, advisor to dozens of small and medium sized companies, and is on the boards of philanthropic, arts, and educational organizations. She is a guest university lecturer and speaker sharing successful business development strategies that make work more profitable and fun! May has learned through successes, mistakes, and extreme challenges the importance of effective planning in advance to succeed in business and life.  May uses her real world examples to illustrate the value in differentiating your business culture, products, services, and customer response to win the business! May is passionate about helping companies and employees to learn to succeed and achieve all of the goals that they desire.  Through workshops and her upcoming book, The CSO Meeting Agenda, she teaches others how to partner with their source of intuition and rely on the messages they receive to achieve more of their goals, dreams, and desires. She has shared her simple 7 step system with hundreds of people in workshops across the country and all have reported feeling more calm and focused, and have experienced more of the good things that they desire in work and in life.

Reverend Sharon | Spiritual Leader

“Well, we went outside our norm to include your easy to understand Business Planning, Marketing and Sales workshop series at our Church and it was a great success for us. The survey feedback indicated that all attendees would like to sign up for your advanced classes on these same topics. The personal stories that you shared to illustrate the “principles in action” with a reliance on faith were a hit. All appreciated the exercises to practice the methods in their own jobs. You were very entertaining and informative and it was well received.” -  Reverend Sharon Ramey | Center for Spiritual Living

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