May McCarthy

May McCarthy

May co-founded & has grown six successful companies in fashion retail, telecommunications, healthcare IT with software & equipment for national &international hospital systems. As a speaker, she shares successful business development strategies that make work more profitable &fun!

Add More Adventure to Your Life!

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Add More Adventure to Your Life!

When I was in college, a friend of mine had parents that my other friends and I thought were amazing! They hosted the biggest annual parties, they owned a successful multimillion dollar food manufacturing business that is still in the family today, and they often traveled internationally to exotic places. When I got a chance to visit with them, they would share the importance of treating every experience in life as an adventure. When I asked why, they replied, “When you’re on an adventure, you will always have a better time.”


I looked up the definition of adventure; “an exciting or remarkable experience.” My friend’s parents were continuously expecting to enjoy an exciting or remarkable experience in all that they chose to do – and they did! The stories that they shared included meeting famous people without prior planning, being invited to attend VIP events unexpectedly, and having unique opportunities to experience things that were truly remarkable. As they expected to enjoy exciting and remarkable experiences, they did.

Labor Day

When I think of Labor Day, I remember as a young girl that it was the end of summer, the end of my carefree life. The beginning of work as a full-time student for another year was about to begin. When I asked friends about their plans for Labor Day, they shared a schedule filled with weekend parties, cookouts, and festivals. A great time to relax and enjoy a day off.


My friends and I couldn’t recall the origin of the Labor Day Holiday, only that it had something to do with workers’ rights.  How about you? Do you know how Labor Day became a national holiday? I decided to look it up and learned that there were two key events that happened leading up to the creation of the Labor Day holiday.

Rev. Marcia L. MacLean, RScP | CEO and Spiritual Director

“I am moved to share with you all about the amazing board retreat, Sunday talk and afternoon workshop May McCarthy just blessed us with. We are grateful on so many levels for the gifts that May brought with her, and it is clear that she brings these with her everywhere she goes, into all that she shares. May brings more than tools for empowered and successful living. She brings them with a warmth and ease that instantly makes everyone feel comfortable and special. We've had feedback of gratitude and appreciation, as well as many success stories already flooding in, as participants began their daily practice as outlined in May’s book, The Path to Wealth. We feel very, very blessed and encourage all Centers of every size to consider having May visit your leadership and your congregations.”Rev. Marcia L. MacLean, RScP, CEO and Spiritual Director | Center for Spiritual Living Palm Beaches

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