Add More Adventure to Your Life!

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Add More Adventure to Your Life!

When I was in college, a friend of mine had parents that my other friends and I thought were amazing! They hosted the biggest annual parties, they owned a successful multimillion dollar food manufacturing business that is still in the family today, and they often traveled internationally to exotic places. When I got a chance to visit with them, they would share the importance of treating every experience in life as an adventure. When I asked why, they replied, “When you’re on an adventure, you will always have a better time.”


I looked up the definition of adventure; “an exciting or remarkable experience.” My friend’s parents were continuously expecting to enjoy an exciting or remarkable experience in all that they chose to do – and they did! The stories that they shared included meeting famous people without prior planning, being invited to attend VIP events unexpectedly, and having unique opportunities to experience things that were truly remarkable. As they expected to enjoy exciting and remarkable experiences, they did.


Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” It took some dedication and even some courage for this couple to take action when they felt guided to take steps toward adventure in their lives. Adventure involves an aspect of the unknown and we must have courage to see opportunity in unfamiliar appearances. If we have the courage to take steps in pursuit of our goal for a remarkable experience, we can enjoy something greater than we ever imagined.  If you like, use your daily practice to describe your completed goal for adventure and you may find that you’ll experience it with greater frequency:


  1. Write out your goals each day for positive adventure in your life.

Choose to use statements that emotionally click with you. e.g. I am so grateful that my life is a wonderful and enjoyable adventure and I experience a higher and greater good in my life always.  Every person and situation are a golden links in the chain of my Good life.


  1. Speak what you wrote out loud with emotion.

Read what you wrote out loud to anchor the meaning more fully within you.Your brain will start to recognize that you’re serious about experiencing the good that you’ve described and will illuminate more possibilities to take steps to achieve what you want.


  1. Imagine seeing yourself happy, wealthy, and healthy at all times.

As you see yourself in your mind living a joyful life with all that you desire, require, and more, you’ll begin to notice that adventure can be part of that Good experience. You will become magnetic as the image of your completed goal shifts your beliefs to those of unlimited possibility. Trust your intuition to guide you in ways that don’t make rational sense to achieve the completed goals that you imagine.


My friend’s parents lived until their late 80s and would say that they had a wonderful and adventurous life.  As they expected and watched for opportunities that were consistent with their desired good life, unexpected doors opened and their path was made clear. All of us can experience this type of great life!


I hope that you’ll choose to experience your life as an adventure now and long into the future. You deserve to have exciting and remarkable experiences in your life! May you be blessed, happy, healthy and prospered now and always. You can learn more success principles in my book and at

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