Put on Your Spiritual Practice for Protection

During this very unusual time, I’m called to Trust God and to Trust in the use of my Spiritual Practice for protection and to manifest my desired outcomes! We’re in the middle of a pandemic and there is a tremendous amount of fear and uncertainty across our globe. As part of self-quarantining and social distancing, we hunger for news about what is happening outside of our homes. The news channels are filled with reporters who speculate and have a variety of opinions, and each of our local, state and federal representatives have different views and enact different policies to work toward our safety. Many workers have been laid off and our children are out of school. It’s a very unsettling time. This is exactly the time to turn to God and use your spiritual muscle through your daily practice.


I want you to know that together, we can get through this pandemic and triumph. First, try to think about this pandemic just like you would one of the other challenges that you have had in life; a difficult boss or spouse, a lawsuit, a damaged relationship, lack of money, a lost job, a serious health diagnosis, etc. What have you done in the past when unexpected challenges have come up? Right, you increased your Spiritual Practice to declare that God is operating in the situation for your Good outcome. And, you also sent a tremendous amount of love and forgiveness to the person or situation that caused you harm or pain.


Why not use this same formula in regards to this pandemic? Following is a reminder of what you can do now as you quarantine yourself and follow the recommended guidelines from our health and government authorities:


1.     Proclaim what you want and KNOW that the all knowing infinite power of God (CSO), is bigger than this pandemic and wants you to experience your Good.

  • Read something inspirational each morning that puts you in a receptive mood and reminds you that God is infinite possibilities. How about some stories of people being healed miraculously? How about businesses that are thriving with new innovations and hiring workers? Search for these stories on line and in books. Fill yourself with these stories and ideas and know that all things are possible with God.
  • Write down your gratitude statements that focus on your desired outcomes. e.g. “I’m so grateful that the perfect health of Spirit now permeates within every cell of everybody in our world. I am whole, healthy and complete and every cell and function of my body now operates in the perfection of God’s design. Spirit now transforms the Covid 19 virus so that it harms no one and all researchers, scientists and medical doctors know everything that they need to know about this virus in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. I give thanks that the Covid 19 virus lives its purpose which is to mutate and NOW mutates for Good in our world without harming anyone further. All are blessed, healthy and happy by this.”
  • You can also add statements about using your talents and skills in fulfilling ways and being rewarded for it. You can give thanks for the relationships in your household and at work being harmonious and that you are abundantly supported. You can give thanks for anything that you desire as outcomes as part of this daily practice.
  • Speak your written statements out loud to anchor them more fully within you. Repeat your statements throughout the day if you start to feel stressed. Your spoken word will win your attention and the fearful thoughts will fade away.
  • Imagine your perfect health and that all in the world are whole, healthy and complete. See in your mind’s eye the healthy world that you want to live in.


2.     Write a Dear Divine True Self Letter to the Covid 19 virus as you would write a letter to any challenging personality.

Each day, write a Dear Divine True Self letter to the virus and pour out your love to disarm it so that it harms no one. e.g. “Dear Divine True Self of the Covid 19 virus, I bless you and I give great thanks that you are now mutating for Good and harming no one. I give great thanks that you are transparent and reveal all that needs to be known about yourself to researchers, scientists and doctors so that they may develop remedies that allow all in our world to be safe, healthy, whole and complete without delay. I am grateful that Peace permeates through you and all peoples in our world under grace and in perfect ways. We are all free to go forward in Good health and to thrive and prosper in our world.”


If you’ve read my books, you’ll know that I and others have used this Dear Divine True Self letter technique with great success and have experienced miraculous outcomes in all sorts of situations. Why not try it for this one?


3.     Quarantine yourself from the negative opinions of others and from posting negative opinions of your own during this pandemic.

From a metaphysical standpoint, viruses feed on our collective negative consciousness. As people in our world use harmful words, thoughts and actions toward each other, we call into existence something that will harm each other. Viruses do that. Let’s not be part of the problem. Refrain from receiving and giving negative opinions, criticism and condemnation any longer. Let’s starve this virus by no longer expressing harmful ideas toward anyone including ourselves.


Spend more hours of the day filling your mind and soul with stories about miraculous outcomes and deep connections to that inner Spiritual wisdom through uplifting and positive activities like reading, listening, meditating, walking, yoga, music, dancing, cooking, etc.


Spend LESS OR NO time watching populace news programs with opinions about what’s right and wrong.


Spend LESS OR NO time on social media to read the complaints of others and to agree or complain yourself.


Keep up on vital safety and regulatory information that local and national governments have available. Go directly to the www.coronavirus.gov website and to your local and state government websites. Don’t waste your time getting emotionally riled up and turbulent by reading or listening to the opinions of what other people feel is important for you to know.


Let’s focus on the Good outcomes that will result from this experience even though we can’t see them right now. Let’s begin to envision what our lives, our communities and our world will be like on the other side of this pandemic. Let’s use our daily practice to proclaim that Good outcomes will manifest for us all under grace and in perfect ways!


“I’m grateful that God is working in and through this situation and all of its creation for our Good. Nothing can separate me from the Good that God is, and I accept and receive this Good into my life as perfect health, love, peace and abundance. God works and speaks through me to be a vehicle for Good as I bless others and am blessed. Anything unlike the Good of God now dissolves and dissipates and all is well for me and all people in our world.”


I trust in God! I pray that you do too. May you be blessed on Your Path to all that is Good, Healthy, Peaceful and Abundant in your life! To discover more about my work, please visit www.bizzultz.com.

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