Praying for Others Works!

I read a story that Ernest Holmes wrote about praying for another person for good health and freedom from an addiction. Holmes and his friend spent several hours proclaiming out loud the Truth about the other person who was in a different hotel room down the hall. They affirmed that the person was whole and complete, free from addiction, living a peaceful and healthy life. Holmes calls this form of praying, spiritual mind treatment. Holmes would proclaim his truth affirmations for several minutes, then his friend would do the same. They did this for several hours, back and forth until they both believed the truth in the statement. Then, they went to sleep. The next morning, the man with the addiction told them that he felt free and handed them the unfinished bottle of liquor. According to Holmes, the man had remained sober.


I sometimes wonder if my prayers for others work. This kind of story helps me to know that they do. There is an added element that is necessary for prayers to work in accordance with the outcomes that we desire. That’s faith in the power of your prayers. Do you believe that it’s possible for someone to be healed? Do you believe that it’s possible to live in peace with family, friends, co-workers and community? Do you believe that it’s possible to be free with the financial support necessary to live a good life? Do you believe that it’s possible to live an easy and joyful life with fulfilling and satisfying work?


To develop the belief in possibility as faith and confidence, do the following each day:


  1. Determine what you want to experience.

Write out your truth statements to describe your completed goals with gratitude.Instead of writing “I want to be out of debt”, describe your goal as though you already are out of debt. e.g. “I’m so grateful that I am debt-free with a minimum of $___ per year in income to use and enjoy, share with others, and invest and increase.” Instead of saying “I don’t want my family or boss to treat me poorly”, you might say “I’m grateful that I have peaceful and harmonious relationships with my family, my boss and all related to my life. We all treat each other with respect and value our relationships.” Repeat as necessary until you believe these statements.


  1. Find examples of others who are achieving the same goals.

As you read stories about others achieving similar goals, your beliefs will shift. You’ll start to believe “if they can do it or have it, I can too.” Go to events where you can meet people who have achieved the same goals. Speak with them to learn their stories. You’ll recognize that many of them started from a similar place as you and that it is possible for you to achieve the same success.


  1. Ask others what they desire as part of their Good life.

Once you’re clear on what they desire, you can begin to recite the completed goal statements for them every day. Speak those statements out loud and imagine seeing them in their desired outcomes. Also, encourage others to do steps 1 and 2 above for themselves. As they and you are stating Truth statements every day for the same Good to manifest, it will. In the story above, Ernest Holmes asked the man what he wanted.He said that he wanted Holmes to help him stop drinking.The man had the desire first and conveyed it to Holmes.


  1. Accumulate proof and go bigger.

As you begin to achieve your goals and witness others realizing their desires, you’ll gain more confidence. You’ll begin to see how powerful your prayers as truth affirmations are in facilitating this Good to manifest. Go bigger and create statements for the Good that you want everyone in our world to realize. This Good may include peace, prosperity, good health, love, happiness, etc. For example, you might repeat, “I am so grateful that all peoples who live in and pass through my neighborhood and world are living healthy, happy and safe lives with all of their needs met in lawful ways. All of us treat each other with respect and live together in peace and harmony.”


Ernest Holmes said, “Prayer is a thought, a belief, a feeling, arising within the mind of the one praying.” It is our job to align our prayers to focus on the desired Good outcomes rather than the problems. I know that your prayers work. As you gain more confidence through strengthening your beliefs in possibility and proof of manifestations, your prayers will become more powerful in affecting positive outcomes. May you be blessed, prospered, happy, and healthy now and always. For more information about me and my work, please visit www.maymccarthy.com. n by clicking on the book title link to help other potential readers in their choice.

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