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Have you ever tried to grow a plant, care for a pet or other living being, or are you a parent or caregiver? If you answered YES, then you know that you have to provide PROACTIVE sustenance and attention in your role as a care giver to be successful. I hope that your efforts are providing you with meaning and satisfaction as you share your love, time, and resources.


What about your relationships with every other living creation in our world – those you know and those you don’t? Do you think about others who you don’t know living on your street, working in your company, living in another country? Do you make judgements about people who are reported on in the news? Do you react to information that you receive about people that you’ve never met personally? Are others influencing you to put your time and energy into caring about what they feel is important?


What if we choose to be PROACTIVE in all situations and tend a garden of relationships ourselves?


Let’s commit to plant seeds of kindness, love, abundance, and mutual respect and see what grows. Let’s add thoughts and words that support our intentions for peace, harmony, prosperity and love in our world. You’re probably shaking your head right now saying “How can I affect others and our world?”  Believe me, I thought the same thing 10 years ago, but I’ve proved some things and have seen proof of transformative results in others as a result of my “gardening”.


In a book by Emmett Fox called The Seven Main Aspects of God, I read about an experiment that you can do to prove the effects of your thoughts and words. Select two plants or two flower beds and start them off together. Then speak works of love, support, and kindness to one of them. Say nothing to the other but continue to water and feed both of them. Before long, you will be surprised to find how much difference there is in the progress made by them. The one that was loved with attention will have grown and thrived more than the other. Your words and thoughts have a powerful affect.


Another experiment that you can do is on a bus or subway, or even in a crowded room. Start declaring that the presence of love, life and vitality are in each person. Continue saying this to yourself for several minutes. You will be surprised and gratified at what will happen. First one person will brighten up and smile, and then another will obviously relax, and before long the whole crowd around you will begin feeling and looking differently. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself.


Once you’ve proved that you can tend a garden of relationships yourself, go bigger. Start to declare that Intelligence, Respect and Love are being expressed in and through your community, your elected officials, leadership in countries around the world and their peoples. Tend these gardens with love and care daily through your words and thoughts. As we do this together, we will have a positive effect in our world and can create a society that provides prosperity, love, kindness and freedom for all. While tending your garden with good intentions, weed out old habits of judgement, condemnation and criticism. The healthy outcomes of your efforts will be noticeable to you and of great benefit to all. You will become a master gardener for Good.


May you be blessed, prospered, happy, and healthy now and always. For more information about me and my work, please visit www.maymccarthy.com

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