Consistency and Discipline are Essential for Success!

Most likely, you’ve heard a number of stories about successful and famous people achieving great levels of wealth and freedom. Many of these people are consistent and disciplined in focusing on what they want to have happen in their lives, instead of believing that the past has any power and control over their future. They revisit their goals daily and look for possibilities to take steps toward their achievement, rather than dwelling on past mistakes made by themselves or others. Whether they are Olympic athletes, business millionaires, or spiritual teachers and leaders, they have a number of characteristics in common that they consistently demonstrate each day.


You can learn to cultivate some of these same characteristics to achieve more of your goals and experience greater freedom.

  • Be Courageous – successful people take time to plan for their goals and demonstrate the courage to take steps to achieve them. You can do this as well. Set aside 30 minutes each morning to write out and recite gratitude statements for all that you have in your life and for your goals as though you have already reached them. Imagine yourself experiencing life with those goals realized. As you do this consistently each day, you’ll begin to notice more possibilities to take steps toward their attainment. You’ll be guided by intuition, signs, and inner wisdom to take steps along the path to achievement. Taking steps requires you to “Have courage to follow your heart and intuition”, as Steve Jobs said, since you may not know where the steps will lead.  As you take the steps, you will attain your goals. After using this practice for 30 days, you will feel more courageous and your life will be filled with greater joy and freedom.


  • Demonstrate Tenacity – successful people do whatever it takes to conquer all obstacles and climb all mountains to succeed.  You can choose to do this too.  Focus your words, thoughts, and emotions on what you want in life, rather than on what you don’t want.  Use affirmative words to obliterate any fears, doubts, anger, resentments, or negative thoughts about past mistakes made by yourself or others.  It’s impossible to think about something negative while you’re stating something positive out loud.  The spoken word always wins out – try it: “There is nothing from my past that prevents my success today.  I am grateful that I now receive all that I desire, require, and more.” Be tenacious and spend more of your time, thoughts, words, and emotions focusing on what you want and let the past go. 


  • Exhibit Passion – successful people feel passion for their goals, their work, and the use of their time.  Their passion lights up their conversations and is contagious in getting others excited about what they’re doing.  They become magnetic to achieving their goals. You can learn to do this too! As you spend 30 minutes each morning being grateful for what you have, and being grateful for what you want as though you already have it, you can’t help but feel an increased sense of joy and happiness.  As you imagine experiencing what you desire, your level of passion will increase and prepare you to receive the things that you want. “There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it's the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessperson." – Anthony Robbins, motivational speaker and author.  Your passion will make you magnetic so that you can keep the good things that you have, and attract into your life more of what you want.


As you demonstrate consistency and discipline in cultivating these characteristics in a daily success practice, you’ll receive additional benefits as well.  The level of peace in your life will increase, your confidence and trust in realizing your goals will rise, and you’ll feel more successful as you experience more of the good things that you want. The best part of all is that YOU have the power to choose to begin your life of greater success today.


May you be blessed on Your Path to all that is Good!


You can learn more about the simple seven steps for success in the book, The Path to Wealth; Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance. www.bizzultz.com/book

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