The Power of Your Words and Thoughts

This is an interesting and highly charged time in our lives with a pandemic, an election, and new ways of doing business, attending school, and going about life with restrictions. Who would have thought that our latest fashion fad would include stylish face masks?


Many of us have been hoping and praying for a vaccine for the Covid 19 virus or at the very least, remedies that would prevent more people from dying. I pray for that as well. But how many of us are lending our Power of words and thoughts to the solution? How often do we focus on the Good experiences that we’d like us all to have after a solution is found?


As a society, we have become conditioned to talk about our problems and misfortunes. We spend hours throughout the day focusing on the problems that we see unfolding. We make judgements about events, people and ourselves and communicate them to the world, bringing them into existence. As we’re focusing on the problems in our lives, we add energy and faith to them and they continue to manifest and grow.  This is a Law of the Universe; whatever you think and speak about grows in your life!


We have hundreds of years of experience documenting this Law. Understanding this truth and working within this Law is the first step to creating something new. Using your thoughts and words in alignment with your desires will change your life. If you want a solution for the Covid 19 virus, a fair and transparent election process, good health and energy, prosperity, peace, safety or anything else in your life that you desire, then you need to work within this Law and use the tools that enable your desires to manifest.


Follow some simple steps outlined below to unleash your Power and manifest the good life that you desire:


1.     Determine what you and others would like to experience as a result of a solution to any problem.

·       Problem: Covid 19 virus harms people, their businesses, education and livelihood. 

·       Desired experiences as a result of a solution: You and all peoples are healthy, whole and complete. Businesses thrive and prosper. Students learn and grow healthfully. Livelihood is secured with increased opportunities and prosperity for all.


Describe the outcomes that you desire to experience AFTER a solution is found rather than trying to figure out the exact steps to get to the solution. Spirit will determine the steps necessary for the solution to manifest and may give you intuitive insight to take some action. Simply use your Power in words and thoughts to focus on your desired outcomes after the solution is in place.


2.     Create affirmative statements with gratitude for the experiences that you desire.

·       Write down your affirmative statements.

e,g,  “I am so grateful that the Covid 19 virus mutates into something that harms no one and that we have all that is needed to remain healthy. We are all blessed and go about our lives in Freedom. All of us are Whole, Healthy and Complete. Our businesses thrive and prosper and our livelihood is secure and prosperous. All students grow in their understanding and we are all blessed and happy in our lives now!”

·       Keep the written statements with you at all times.


3.     Each day, recite your affirmative statements 3 times each waking hour until your new experiences manifest.

·       Set an alarm or create a reminder to recite your affirmations.

Repeat your affirmations out loud over and over throughout the day.

·       Stay away from any news and opinions that are contrary to your affirmations.

Take control of creating the life that you desire instead of letting others have control of what you believe by filling your mind with what they think is important.

·       Take this seriously.

You have the Power to change conditions in your life and our world. It starts with you deliberately directing your words and thoughts in ways that are consistent with the outcomes that you desire. Make a choice in favor of Good experiences for you and for all!


As author Florence Scovel Shinn said, “Change your thoughts, and in the twinkling of an eye, all your conditions change. Your world is a world of crystallized ideas, crystallized words. Sooner or later, you reap the fruits of your words and thoughts.” Even if you can’t see the positive outcomes right away, KNOW that your words and thoughts are bearing fruit. Remember that a plant does most of its early growing under the earth and out of sight. Your words and thoughts are taking root as well and your desired outcomes will blossom and grow as you consistently use your Power.


May you be blessed on Your Path to all that is Good, Healthy, Peaceful and Abundant in your life! To discover more about my work, please visit www.bizzultz.com.

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