It’s Your Choice to Achieve Your Desires

Achieving what you want is not difficult, but describing properly what you really want can take some concerted mental and physical effort.  Often, we are too vague or describe what we don’t want – then we’re surprised that we get more of what we don’t want. As you change your words to describe a completed goal with gratitude, as though it is already manifest, you will start to see evidence of that occurring in your life.  To make this a new habit, you will have to practice this behavior repeatedly.


Remember when you learned to ride a bike, drive a car, read, or type?  All of these activities required you to practice and repeat the skills that you were learning every day until they became a habit. I know some people who can type as fast as they can talk due to repeating the behavior over and over. The same is true for any goals that we want to achieve.  We have to review what we want repeatedly in order to attract it into our lives. One of my favorite teachers is a 1920s author named Florence Scovell Shinn. She said “We can’t always control our thoughts, but we can control our words. And, through repetition we impress the subconscious mind and then become masters of any situation.”


Repetition of your words helps you to notice evidence of your words made manifest.  Remember the last time that you decided to buy a car and then you started to notice it on the road everywhere? Your subconscious filtered the hundreds of cars driving around and illuminated the ones that were consistent with your goal. If you describe a dismal future each day, you will notice more evidence of that occurring in your life. The same is true if you describe an abundant and hopeful future – you’ll notice more possibilities to make that manifest. Successful motivational speaker and author, Earl Nightingale, described how powerful we are when he said, Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” Your responsibility then is to choose what you plant - what you want to experience or what you don’t want.  Choose wisely.


For example, in my neighborhood we had a number of homeless people that were camping under a bridge. Our neighborhood didn’t have any facilities like water, food, bathrooms, or shelter to assist these people. Unfortunately, the homeless people chose to support their drug use and lifestyle by breaking into nearby homes and parked cars to obtain what they needed to live. As you can imagine, the neighbors were quite upset after having their belongings stolen, and the police and other city and state agencies seemed to be unable to respond to the situation to prevent thefts from occurring in the future.  All neighbors were quite vocal in the on-line community and complained daily about the situation. Every day, I would wake up to see the neighborhood “news” posted about an increased number of break-ins and thefts. Over several months, it became like an addiction – I felt drawn to see what terrible news had happened over night. While in the middle of this, I didn’t realize that as I was expecting more of what I didn’t want to happen, I was actually attracting more of it into our neighborhood.


One day during my meditation, Spirit helped me to remember that I have the power to choose what I focus my attention on so that it manifests in my life.


Every morning from that point on, I chose to be intentional and describe what I wanted the outcome to be. I used a simple daily routine that I describe in my book, The Path to Wealth, to attract a different outcome.  Each morning I wrote in my journal, “I’m so grateful that all peoples who live in and pass through my neighborhood are living happy, healthy, and safe lives with all of their needs met in lawful ways.  All of us, our families, friends, neighbors, pets and properties are divinely safe and protected at all times.  We all treat each other with respect and live in our world together in peace and harmony.”  I then read this out loud with emotion to anchor it more fully within me and imagined seeing myself in this “world” that I created with my words.  I also stopped reading the neighborhood complaints on line and spoke my goal for a peaceful and lawful neighborhood and world throughout the day.


Within 2 weeks, I got an intuitive idea from my CSO as my Spiritual partner; to bring all of the governmental agencies together at a community meeting to discuss the problem and possible solutions to protect the neighbors and serve the homeless in a meaningful way. I contacted the City Council, the Mayor, the police department, a state representative for our district, and the department of transportation to request that they all attend a community meeting. They agreed to come and I sent them questions and concerns from our community in advance so they could be prepared. I asked all community members to attend and behave in a respectful manner. During the peaceful and orderly meeting, each of the representatives discovered that their department policies actually prevented other government agencies from doing their jobs. As they got clear on the issues, they made changes necessary to serve all related to our neighborhood.  The homeless were relocated to an area that had facilities that could serve them in a greater way.  The neighbors felt safe. And, the city and state departments came up with solutions to work more cohesively together in the future. All related to this situation were blessed by it.


You have the power to choose to spend more time describing what your desired outcome is in any area of your life and in your world. Each day, repeat your desired goals and look for evidence that your Spiritual partner is guiding you through intuition and subconscious messaging to experience more of what you want. Take steps to follow the directions that you receive and enjoy realizing your goals in easier ways. You can learn more success principles in my book and at

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