Spring Forth into New Life!

I hope that you are enjoying lovely sights of spring, witnessing the rebirth of beauty that has been lying dormant all winter long. In my neighborhood, the flowers are blooming, the buds are blossoming, and the greenery on trees is waking up to the lighter and warmer days.  This time of year has the energy of life and symbolism.


With the Easter celebrations, we are called to “rise up” into a new life. Color returns in the form of decorations, flowers, and even those marshmallow bunnies and chicks that we layer in Easter baskets. Many people, who don’t visit a religious church or organization all year long, feel some attraction in joining their families for the celebration of Easter – a symbol of new life and hope.


As I was growing up and raising children, we always looked forward to dying Easter eggs.  The colors and designs improved year after year. We had such fun. Eggs have been a popular part of spring rituals for ages. Ancient Egyptians, Gauls, Persians, Romans, and Asian cultures all embraced the egg as a valuable symbol of the universe.


In pre-Christian Europe, Anglo-Saxons worshipped the moon goddess of spring and fertility named Eostre (or Ostara). When portrayed, she was always among spring flowers and holding an egg in her hand. The hare, which laid eggs to honor her and encourage her fruitfulness, was her sacred animal.


It seems that every cultural and religious tradition has a celebration to honor the idea of rebirth and growth during spring.  How about you? What kind of new life do you want to spring forth into as part of your personal and professional life? As you consider the answers to these questions, note that doing a few simple things each day will help you to succeed in achieving the life that you desire.


Every day, take the following steps for 15 minutes first thing in the morning:


  1. Write down your completed goals with gratitude. e.g. I’m so grateful that I use my remarkable skills and talents in satisfying and fulfilling work where I feel valued and appreciated at all times. I gratefully receive more than $_____ per year in income and I live a wonderful balanced life.


  1. Speak what you wrote out loud with emotion to anchor the meaning within you.


  1. In your mind, imagine seeing yourself in all aspects of your completed goals.


In her 2011 Harvard Business Review article Nine Things Successful People Do Differently, writer Heidi Grant states that being specific about goals is on the top of the list. “Knowing exactly what you want to achieve keeps you motivated until you get there.”  Be sure that you describe your completed goals with gratitude and include some details to enable your subconscious and the CSO, as the source of your intuition, to illuminate more possibilities for you to achieve them. A note of caution; describe your completed goals with gratitude, not the steps or “how” that you will get there. Your intuitive source will guide your steps to achieve your goals.


Describing what you want, rather than what you don’t want as an outcome is also part of your system for success. Many of us have been trained over time to speak about what we don’t want, thinking that is expressing what we desire.  What we don’t realize is how our brain and subconscious interpret the idea of “don’t want”.


According to Matthew B. James, MA, Ph.D, in his 2013 Psychology Today article, “The unconscious (subconscious) absorbs pictures rather than words. So if you say, ‘I don’t want to procrastinate,’ the unconscious generates a picture of you procrastinating.” As you picture an outcome, you will see more evidence of it occurring.


Create an idea for a new life that you want to experience as you move into this beautiful spring season. As you use the simple system for success described above on a daily basis, you will find that you will achieve what you desire, require, and more. Happy spring!


You can learn more success principles in my book and at www.maymccarthy.com.

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