Balancing Spirituality and Success

This past week I had the pleasure and privilege to host my first radio show on Unity On Line Radio. My show is called Abundance Incorporated with May McCarthy and we discussed Balancing Spirituality and Success. When I think of being balanced, I have an image of a see saw or teeter-totter like the ones that I used to play on as a child. If my friend and I were the same weight, we could balance the see saw perfectly in horizontal alignment.  If one side was heavier than the other, the heavy load wouldn’t remain off the ground very long.


To be balanced, we want every aspect of our life to have the same weight, importance, proportion, and meaning. The aspects of life include your health, your relationships, your work, your finances, your recreation and your spiritual connection. All of these have to be in balance, or have a measure of importance, for you to enjoy a fulfilling, satisfying, healthy, free and prosperous life.

One of the biggest challenges to experiencing perfect balance has to do with feeling that we need to cover up or hide our spiritual being in our profession and work life or in some of our community relationships. People have become conditioned not to talk about or display any spiritual beliefs in their work place, and our bosses and company HR departments have policies against showing any special interest or care for our spiritual well-being. So, what do we do to stay in balance and achieve greater success? How can we express and practice our spirituality during the work day to remain in balance?


When my consulting clients ask me about becoming more spiritually balanced in their work life, I ask them the following three questions:

  1. Do you have a daily spiritual practice?

This has to be answered YES if you want to live a spiritually balance life and succeed. Each morning I recommend spending time with Spirit in whatever practice serves you.  Some of my clients meditate, some pray and journal, some do yoga and breathing exercises with chanting. Others, use the daily goal planning practice in partnership with Spirit that I write about in my books. Whatever daily practice helps you to connect with Spirit is just fine.


One of my favorite teachers is a woman named Florence Scovel Shinn and she wrote a book called The Game of Life published in 1925. She said that if you’re not programming your own subconscious then someone else will program it for you. If we take time first thing in the morning to program what’s important to us, we’ll see more evidence of its importance throughout the day.  If we let others through the news, social media, and our world program our subconscious, we’ll see more evidence of what they say is important. You get to choose. To program your subconscious, do your daily practice FIRST THING in the morning before you look at any mobile devices or news. Your morning practice will program your brain to believe that your spiritual connection is very valuable and will give it increased weight that will sustain you when your workday brings you challenges or unexpected events.


  1. Do you take time during the day to connect with your spiritual source?

This also has to be answered YES. Some of my successful friends and clients will schedule in a break during the day to do walking meditations, run errands while singing motivational spiritual songs, or they may sit quietly away from their desk and breath or meditate on the power of Spirit operating in their life.  If you’re not checking in with Spirit throughout the day, consider doing so. You can set an alarm on your phone that goes off every 2 to 3 hours during the work day. At that time, excuse yourself at the first opportunity and go somewhere quiet. Set your phone timer for 2 minutes and let Spirit know that you welcome it to be there with you and to share any information that you need to know to make your life more successful and joyful. Sit quietly with your eyes closed breathing deeply. Focus only on your breathing and allow Spirit to share whatever your need to know.  Or, put some spiritually motivating music on your phone with ear buds and walk around the block singing and breathing.


If you take some time to connect with Spirit, that inner source of wisdom, you will feel refreshed and creative when you return to work. You may also notice unusual events and opportunities that show up to make your work life easier and more successful. Try it for yourself and see if taking a Spiritual break during your workday doesn’t make your job easier and more successful.


  1. Do you have any worries, anger, grudges, judgments, or unforgiveness towards anyone, including yourself, or any past or present situations?

If you answer YES, then you have some work to do. If you’re filled up with negative thoughts and emotions that are not serving you, then there won’t be enough room available within you to receive what you desire.Think of it this way – imagine a bottle of water. If it is filled to the brim, can you get any more water into it? No. You need to pour some out in order to get more in.The same is true for you. If you’re filled up with worry, anger, resentment, jealousy, pain, or feelings of injustice and judgements, you won’t have enough room available to receive the things and experiences that you want as success. And, you won’t have “ears to hear” the voice of intuition.These negative feelings drown out that still small voice.


Think about the last time that you were worried, angry or upset. Could anyone have a conversation with you while you were in that state? Probably not because you were consumed with your thoughts and emotions.  Well, Spirit can’t get through to you during those times either. You have to become calm and still to notice Spirit’s messages and guidance in your life. Find a practice that allows you to release negative emotions so that you can receive more of what you desire in life. There is one available in my books if you need to find a new practice.


If you’d like more balance and success in your life, I invite you to use some of these techniques. In doing so, you may find, that they help you to enjoy even more balance and freedom in your wonderfully successful life.


All of the Abundance Incorporated radio shows are archived at Unity on Line Radio and available anytime that you’d like to listen. I hope that you’ll join me on Thursdays at 2pm CT to listen live and call in to the show at 816-251-3555 to nominate a favorite non-profit to receive a $50 donation as part of the show. May you be blessed, prospered, happy, and healthy now and always. For more information about me and my work, please visit www.maymccarthy.com

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