May McCarthy

May McCarthy

May co-founded & has grown six successful companies in fashion retail, telecommunications, healthcare IT with software & equipment for national &international hospital systems. As a speaker, she shares successful business development strategies that make work more profitable &fun!

3-Hour Zoom Class: The Path to Wealth, Freedom and Joy

Did you know that Intuition is a success tool that Gates, Jobs, Branson, Bezos, Oprah, Einstein, and other famous people have used? You can learn how to enable Intuition to work more obviously in your life by doing some simple daily steps. Join serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and speaker, May McCarthy, to learn how to enable your intuition to help you to achieve greater levels of Wealth, Freedom and Joy on Saturday, August 24th at 9am - 12pm CT via Zoom at Infinity Foundation.

Eric J. Miller | Treasurer Unity of Chattanooga, TN

My wife and I have been using the CSO daily practice for 6 years. May’s workshop changed our relationship with abundance and we are still seeing miraculous results. It was an honor to have May McCarthy come to speak at Unity of Chattanooga. Her service talk and workshop are inspiring and empowering the first time and every time we take it. Our congregation loved it and are still talking about how they are applying her success and gratitude principles into their lives and seeing direct and positive results.

Rev. Cathy Jean Norman | Unity of Santa Barbara

If I were to describe May McCarthy and her workshop with 3 adjectives...it would be BRILLIANT, DYNAMIC, and INSPIRING! Having May give a Sunday Sermon followed by a workshop at Unity of Santa Barbara left everyone who attended feeling motivated to live their best lives! I took the workshop as well, and I continue to start my day with great spiritual practices. She is a great LIGHT that shines throughout the New Thought movement. I would highly recommend May to help take people in your congregation from "Woe is me" to "WOW! IT'S ME!"


Best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist, May McCarthy, is delighted to share her transformative books here so that you can achieve more success and create the life that you love! Read more about The Gratitude Formula and The Path to Wealth.


Get your FREE Year of Miracles gift - The Path to Wealth Goal Planning Guidebook

Enable more Miracles and Abundance to flow easily into your life!
Please enjoy your FREE copy of The Path to Wealth Goal Planning Guidebook to help you to get clear on what you desire as you live your Abundant and Miraculous life!
Whether you want more money, improved relationships, better health, fun recreation, fulfilling work or a deeper sense of peace and harmony in your life, use The Path to Wealth Goal Planning Guidebook to create clear and powerful goal statements. Achieving goals is not difficult, but deciding exactly what you want and describing it properly can take some practice. The Path to Wealth Goal Planning Guidebook will help you to create affirmative ideas that describe exactly what you desire. This practice magnetizes you so that you can attract more of what you’ve described into your life. Request your FREE gift below:

The Path to Wealth

A Multimillionaire Entrepreneur Guides You Along
The Path to Wealth to Financial Abundance! 

In the book, The Path to Wealth; Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance, May will show you how to make the All-Knowing Power of the universe your new business partner. In doing so, you will receive help from your new partner to achieve greater financial abundance and freedom. As with any partnership, you will spend time each day getting to know each other and build a high level of trust.  As May shares the seven steps in detail, you will learn how to create and cultivate your new partnership and achieve more of the good things that you want in life. As you attain more of your goals, you’ll recognize that you have done less of the work since your new partner is now doing its job in the partnership. Make the commitment to begin your partnership today.  Now is the time for you to achieve greater financial abundance, happiness, and freedom! Order The Path to Wealth and attend upcoming workshops and events to learn more.

Individual Study Package & Teaching Series

In The Path to Wealth Learning Series you will discover how to use universal spiritual principles to achieve greater levels of wealth, health, happiness and freedom!   Successful serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and philanthropist, May McCarthy, has packaged her 5 ½ hour deeper study workshop into seven small parts so that you can follow the program at your own pace to achieve more of your goals, with less work. You’ll receive a workshop DVD, book, workbook and daily practice journal to assist you in your study. You will learn that success is not a secret, it’s a system! By implementing the simple tools outlined in this series, you can receive a higher and greater level of success than ever before. Learn more below:

Chief Spiritual Officer

Many years ago May decided to give her spiritual partner a title: the Chief Spiritual Officer. As a successful serial entrepreneur and business owner, May has hired people in the “C-Suite” like the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Information Officer to do their jobs exceptionally well and to offer her valuable advice for her companies.  May chose the name Chief Spiritual Officer, or CSO, and placed it at the top of her company organizational chart to represent an entity whose advice she would value above all others.  As a result of witnessing miracles happen in her company, many employees created their own partnerships with their CSO and experienced success, joy, and ease in their jobs as well.
May has taught her simple 7 step process outlined in her book to hundreds of students across the country who have said that they have achieved more of their goals and financial abundance while having more fun in the process. You can too. Make the commitment to begin your new partnership and order your copy of The Path to Wealth today!

May McCarthy is a successful entrepreneur, investor, business strategist, speaker and author. For the past 32 years May has used sound business practices and spiritual principles to grow several successful multimillion-dollar companies as large as $100+ million in annual revenues. Now, she travels the country and teaches people how to use these same principles in order to help them achieve greater levels of financial abundance, success, and freedom!  To attend one of May’s classes, please see the upcoming workshops and events.

Nicole Turner | Founder of Nicole Turner Yoga

I can't say enough amazing things about May McCarthy's book 'The Path To Wealth'. I thoroughly enjoyed every page and read it faster than I have read a book in a while. There are so many beautiful mindset and behavior tips to learn and I love how she's taken philosophical concepts that have been around for thousands of years and applied them to building financial, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wealth in one's life. This book was exactly the inspiration I needed at a time in my own life where I felt extremely stuck and frustrated and was not doing well financially. Thank you May for sharing your light and bringing this book and all it's wonderful, life changing goodies to the world." - Nicole Turner | Founder of Nicole Turner Yoga

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