May McCarthy

May McCarthy

May co-founded & has grown six successful companies in fashion retail, telecommunications, healthcare IT with software & equipment for national &international hospital systems. As a speaker, she shares successful business development strategies that make work more profitable &fun!

Nicole Turner | Founder of Nicole Turner Yoga

I can't say enough amazing things about May McCarthy's book 'The Path To Wealth'. I thoroughly enjoyed every page and read it faster than I have read a book in a while. There are so many beautiful mindset and behavior tips to learn and I love how she's taken philosophical concepts that have been around for thousands of years and applied them to building financial, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wealth in one's life. This book was exactly the inspiration I needed at a time in my own life where I felt extremely stuck and frustrated and was not doing well financially. Thank you May for sharing your light and bringing this book and all it's wonderful, life changing goodies to the world." - Nicole Turner | Founder of Nicole Turner Yoga

The Power of Your Words and Thoughts

This is an interesting and highly charged time in our lives with a pandemic, an election, and new ways of doing business, attending school, and going about life with restrictions. Who would have thought that our latest fashion fad would include stylish face masks?


Many of us have been hoping and praying for a vaccine for the Covid 19 virus or at the very least, remedies that would prevent more people from dying. I pray for that as well. But how many of us are lending our Power of words and thoughts to the solution? How often do we focus on the Good experiences that we’d like us all to have after a solution is found?

Put on Your Spiritual Practice for Protection

During this very unusual time, I’m called to Trust God and to Trust in the use of my Spiritual Practice for protection and to manifest my desired outcomes! We’re in the middle of a pandemic and there is a tremendous amount of fear and uncertainty across our globe. As part of self-quarantining and social distancing, we hunger for news about what is happening outside of our homes. The news channels are filled with reporters who speculate and have a variety of opinions, and each of our local, state and federal representatives have different views and enact different policies to work toward our safety. Many workers have been laid off and our children are out of school. It’s a very unsettling time. This is exactly the time to turn to God and use your spiritual muscle through your daily practice.


I want you to know that together, we can get through this pandemic and triumph. First, try to think about this pandemic just like you would one of the other challenges that you have had in life; a difficult boss or spouse, a lawsuit, a damaged relationship, lack of money, a lost job, a serious health diagnosis, etc. What have you done in the past when unexpected challenges have come up? Right, you increased your Spiritual Practice to declare that God is operating in the situation for your Good outcome. And, you also sent a tremendous amount of love and forgiveness to the person or situation that caused you harm or pain.

Peace that Surpasses All Understanding

I grew up in a Catholic family and there was a part of every Sunday service where we would say “Peace be with you” to the other congregants sitting near us. They would say the same to us. I didn’t really understand a lot about the meaning of those words. To me, it was like saying “Hello, I hope that you’re doing well.”


That phrase came up recently and I started to think about the value of peace in our lives. I want you and everyone in our world to realize peace in their lives. It’s in that state of peace that we’re able to connect deeply to Spirit and be guided and directed to live in accordance with our desires and the divine plan for our lives. The idea of peace is wonderful, but I understand that many are not in a peaceful state. Many people are experiencing a tremendous amount of stress in their lives.

The Value of Intentions

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The Value of Intentions


I hope that you have been enjoying the lights and festivities of the Holiday Season! Now that 2019 is coming to a close it is the perfect time to look over your 2019 list of Intentions that you made at the beginning of the year to measure your accomplishments. I hope that everything on your list has manifested in remarkable, fulfilling, healthy, joyful and prosperous ways. If there are some things that you didn’t achieve or chose not to finish, bless them and let them go to make room for all that is new and wonderful in 2020. You can’t receive something new if you are filled up with regrets or self-criticism. Bless the past, let it go and make room to receive your desires.

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