February - Psychologist, teacher, speaker and Mystic in Training, Dr. Don Smith shares how to Drive Your Brain to change your beliefs and improve your life.


This week on Abundance, Inc. speaker, teacher, and psychologist, Dr. Don Smith shares the value of combining psychological understanding with spiritual principles to Drive Your Brain to change your beliefs and achieve greater success, health, happiness and abundance. Dr. Don has a PhD in psychology with an emphasis on how the Framing of Information affects cognitive behavioral change. He was a tenured professor teaching psychology at the College level for over 23 years. Dr. Don is a professional speaker and member of the National Speakers Association and makes complex ideas easy and fun to understand. Dr. Don’s desire has been to combine psychological principles with spiritual understanding so that people can make permanent changes in their lives that provide them with greater happiness, health, abundance and freedom! Tune in for a fun and lively discussion that will help you to Drive Your Brain to your desired destination.  @d.b.smith @beunity @livingunity #UORBuzz @unityonlinradio

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