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This week on Abundance, Inc, our accomplished guest is author, entrepreneur, speaker and investor, Adam C. Hall. As the CEO of Renaissance Capital, Adam raised $1.5+ billion in capital investment to rescue and conserve premiere natural landscapes. In his new book Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve, Adam shares the 13 Universal Wisdom Teachings and the Genius Process that lead to his transformation discovered on the extraordinary journey that took him from the shores of Santa Barbara, CA to the jungles of Brazil and Peru. Adam began his professional real estate development career as a self-described Earth Conqueror, ultimately turning to the role of EarthKeeper. He spent two decades as an impact investor dedicated to the quadruple bottom line: People, Planet, Profits with Purpose - and founded of the EarthKeeper Alliance. He also contributes to replanting the earth through the organization 8 Billion Trees. Tune in and discover how to unlearn the beliefs, behaviors, and habits that shield us from discovering our Divine Genius, the key to acknowledging and activating our true Divine selves. @adam.c.hall.92 @unity @livingunity @beunity @unityonlinradio

This week on Abundance, Inc, our incredible guests are Madeline Gerwick and Peg Donahue, the authors of the award winning book, Money is an Energy Game. If you are struggling to push past your money set point and really experience a level of financial ease and success, tune it to hear about energy altering strategies and money-attraction tools that will jumpstart your business and personal prosperity. Brian Tracy said, “This powerful, inspiring book shows you how to unlock your hidden powers to achieve financial success—no matter where you are today or where you are coming from.” Learn to prosper and thrive, with more than 100 tools to help you navigate today’s world, even when life throws you a curveball. The authors will show you how to thrive and prosper as the driver of your own success! @moneyisanenergygame @unity @livingunity @beunity @unityonlinradio

This week on Abundance, Inc, our talented and accomplished guest is author, Tedx speaker, and Abundance Activist®, Ellen Rogin, whose life’s work is educating, counseling, and guiding people to grow their prosperity and to use it as a force for good in their lives and in the world. Ellen speaks across the globe on creating success and abundance and she is the co-author of NY Times best-seller, “Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality.” Chock full of “left-brain” credentials (MBA, CPA, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™), Ellen also walks on the “right” side, balancing values, big picture ideas, meditation and a sense of humor with her professional training. She’s as comfortable talking about the power of compound interest as she is the power of belief. Tune in to enhance your understanding of money, your relationship to it, and how to increase prosperity and align it with your purpose. @abundanceactivist @unity @livingunity @beunity @unityonlinradio

This week on Abundance, Inc, our incredible guest is successful podcaster, entrepreneur, author, philosopher and truth-seeker, Brandon Beachum. Brandon has been a serial entrepreneur since childhood, and in 2010 while living on a friend's couch, he founded his first successful company, ResortShare. which was named one of INCs fastest growing private companies in America. Brandon shares his discoveries about The Ultimate Nature of Reality through The Positive Head podcast with over 15 million downloads, and through his late-night style conscious-elevating variety show, Optimystic, filmed in front of a live audience. Learn the 8 keys of abundance that Brandon shares in his new book, The Golden Key; Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance. Tune in to receive your free download of The Golden Key and begin your journey to greater abundance. @brandon.beachum @unity @livingunity @beunity @unityonlinradio

This week on Abundance, Inc, our  guest is former First Lady of Oregon, TedX speaker, business owner and author, Cylvia Hayes, who shares powerful tips from her new book, When Life Blows Up: A Guide to Peace, Power and Reinvention. Cylvia recounts her own life changing public shaming experience and helps readers to move through tragedies to create a new story that prepares them for their best life yet! As a Unity Minister in training and successful business owner, Cylvia shows us how spiritual principles can enable us to handle anything with grace and deliver the successful outcomes that we desire. Tune in to learn to transform any tragic situation into a new story of success! @cylviahayespublic @unity @livingunity @beunity @unityonlinradio 

This week on Abundance, Inc, our accomplished guest is successful entrepreneur, author, speaker and Chief Joy Officer, Shani Godwin. She'll share how she scaled her multimillion dollar Marketing company after she finally learned to let go, let God, and use the currency of Joy in her business and life. Learn tips from Shani’s popular program, Joy Economics: Creating Better Ways to Live, Work and Play, which helps key stakeholders and communities find better ways to live, work and play by using joy as its currency. Shani is a graduate of Goldman Sach’s 10,000 Small Businesses Program and Dartmouth University’s Tuck School of Business’s High Performing Minority Business Program. Shani will share her innovative insights on how to make more money while working fewer hours with more Joy and less stress. She has been featured in media nationwide including Essence Magazine, Forbes.com and The Huffington Post. Tune in to learn keys to reduce stress, improve outcomes, and how Joy Economics has helped Shani’s company grow by nearly 300 percent! @audiblevoices @unity @livingunity @beunity @unityonlinradio  

This week On Abundance, Inc. our accomplished guest is former NFL football star and successful entrepreneur, media personality, speaker and author, Jordan Babineaux who will share tips for success from his new book, Pivot to Win: Make The Big Plays In Life, Sports & Business. Tune in to learn how to pivot when unexpected situations show up in your life and create successful strategies for the best outcomes to manifest. Jordon will share the tools that he learned to help him pivot from a being an NFL player to become a sports broadcaster, business executive, motivational speaker and philanthropist. Everyday is an opportunity to win in the game of life! @pivot2win @unity @livingunity @beunity @unityonlinradio

This week On Abundance, Inc, our guest is The Film Festival Doctor and accomplished entrepreneur, Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith who shares a successful business growth formula from her latest book, Born to Do It, Becoming the Leader of a Business Niche Using Powerful Spiritual Techniques. Dr. Smith's book is a perfect roadmap for people looking to start or grow a business that they love - and thrive! Tune in to learn how proven business techniques and spiritual practices enabled her to achieve towering success and helped her clients to win more than 800 film awards as part of making their filmmaking dreams come true.  @rebekahfilmdr @unity @livingunity @beunity @unityonlinradio

Social media posts: This week On Abundance, Inc, our guest is speaker, best selling author and veteran holistic physician, Dr. Bradley Nelson (D.C., ret) who is one of the world’s foremost experts on natural methods of achieving wellness. He has trained thousands of certified practitioners worldwide to help people overcome physical and emotional discomfort and limitations by releasing their emotional baggage. Learn how Dr. Nelson used holistic healing methods to help him overcome a debilitating disease as a 13 year old boy and how he has been healing hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of countries since 1998 with The Emotion Code system. Tune in to gain tools to reach a new level of freedom and success in your life! @discoverhealing @unity @livingunity @beunity @unityonlinradio

On Abundance, Inc, our guest is producer Yoichi Utebi, Executive Vice President of HS Productions who shares his latest movie, Twiceborn, based on the life of Ryuho Okawa, the founder of Happy Science. Happy Science is Japan’s fastest growing and most influential spiritual movement with 12 million members across 100 countries. They have four fundamental teachings: Love, Wisdom, Self-reflection, and Progress. Tune in to learn how living ever day in accordance with these core values will result in a happier and healthier life. To learn more about Yoichi Utebi and his movie Twiceborn, please visit www.twicebornmovie.com or on Facebook @hshsproductions @unity @livingunity @beunity @unityonlinradio

This week on Abundance, Inc. our inspiring and successful guest is Ken D. Foster who is a keynote speaker, business strategist, and syndicated radio host of the “Voices of Courage” show, heard in more than 162 countries.  He is a former stock broker and his life was transformed as a grateful student of Paramhansa Yogananda and has become a trained Yogi. Over the years, Ken has coached the rich and famous, CEOs, entrepreneurs, Olympians, and changemakers to draw out their courageous, powerful, wealth-building, life-enhancing choices. We’ll discuss Ken’s new book “The Courage to Change Everything: Daily Strategies & Essential Wisdom to Awaken Your Inner Genius” which provides proven wealth strategies and success principles to help people stand in their strength, awaken their inner genius, and fast track their success. It includes a foreword by Steven Covey.  Tune in to learn to unleash your inner genius!. To learn more about Ken D. Foster, please visit www.kendfoster.com. @kendfoster1 @unity @livingunity @beunity @unityonlinradio

This week on Abundance, Inc. our amazing guest is Elaine LaLanne, the First Lady of Physical Fitness! At 95 yrs old, she stimulates, motivates, and educates and has released her latest book, If You Want to Live, Move; Putting the Boom Back Into Boomers! Tune in to learn how just 8 minutes a day can produce a total mind, body and spiritual transformation to achieve a healthier lifestyle! It’s never to late to start living your best life. @unity @livingunity @beunity @unityonlinradio

This week on Abundance, Inc. our inspiring and successful guest is #1 Bestselling Author, Global Entrepreneur, Speaker and Film Maker, Dr. Evan Money, who is best known for his ground breaking documentary Words of Art starring Joel Osteen, Darren Hardy, Zig Ziglar, Mark Batterson, Denis Waitley, and more. Tune in to learn tips that show how faith in God and dreaming big leads to higher and greater success in life. Evan Money, PhD will also share why he gets remarried to his wife Susan every year in a different location around the world. He is planning wedding #27 now. Don't miss this inspiring and entertaining show. @evan.money @unity @livingunity @beunity @unityonlinradio

This week on Abundance, Inc. our inspiring and accomplished guest is Brandon Johnson who is an 18-year veteran actor that has been a part of award winning television network shows, soap operas and movies, and a professional musician. Brandon has been the host of several TV series and is the acclaimed podcast host of Fully Alive, which features powerful and inspiring stories from Industry Leaders, trailblazers, and pioneers all stemming from various backgrounds, but connected by a common theme: Empowerment. Tune in for inspirational and practical tips to overcome obstacles and become fully alive in all that you do! @officialbrandonjohnson @unity @livingunity @beunity @unityonlinradio Listen in here! 

This week on Abundance, Inc. our guest is Religious Science Practitioner, Reiki master, and Professional Sound Healer, Jean Trebek. Jean shares valuable Good News for us to enjoy through her popular website, www.InsideWink.com. She offers spiritual practice tips that have guided her family and famous husband and Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek, to find love, peace and healing in the midst of a severe cancer diagnosis. Learn how community chaos and challenges can be transformed with the use of gratitude practices. Tune in to be incredibly inspired and uplifted. Listen in here! @insidewink @unity @livingunity @beunity @unityonlinradio

This week on Abundance, Inc our guest is Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Healer, Kimberly Meredith who is the founder of The Healing Trilogy and author of "Coronavirus; Top 21 Tips for Protection."  Kimberly has healed and helped thousands of people through her unique ability as the power of God and the Holy Spirit operate through her. Scientific studies document her powerful gift of healing. Tune in to learn healthy tips to strengthen your immune system, improve your health, and prevent sickness from occurring. Listeners also receive a free download of her book! @kimberlymeredith11 @beunity @livingunity #UORBuzz @unityonlinradio

This week on Abundance, Inc. our guest is Eliyahu Jian, America’s leading Kabbalist-based Life Coach and Spiritual Advisor who reveals the powerful life strategies he has used to guide billionaires, celebrities and everyday folks to a life of success and happiness. Eliyahu has become the preeminent go-to figure in contemporary Kabbalism today on the North American continent. He translates profound spiritual wisdom into practical advice that empowers people to live their happiest and most fulfilled existence. He will share his newest book, The Laughing Billionaire – How to Become Rich and Happy.Tune in to learn how to enjoy greater happiness and wealth in your life!  @eliyahujianofficial @unity @livingunity #UORBuzz @unityonlinradio

This week on Abundance, Inc., CEO, Financial Strategist, International Speaker and Author, Thomas DeShutter, shares common sense tips to build your personal wealth ecosystem. Thomas is a two-time recipient of the 5 Star Professional Award in the area of Wealth Management.  Learn how to create a mindset and deep desire to generate and grow your prosperity. Thomas has studied with Unity Worldwide Ministries and his message is meant to assist people with defining and aligning with their values, living a life they love, and achieving prosperity from the inside out. Listeners receive a FREE copy of his book, BLOOM YOUR MONEY, YOUR LIFE. A Common Sense Guide to Building Your Personal Wealth EcoSystem. Tune in to learn how to generate greater wealth and abundance in your life! @bloomstrategies @beunity @livingunity #UORBuzz @unityonlinradio

This week on Abundance, Inc. Internationally recognized speaker, business leader and philanthropist Laura Gisborne shares how to deepen your purpose, shift beliefs and boost business and personal success with less effort. Laura has founded and grown nine successful companies and shares how to live a meaningful and abundant life with joy and purpose. She explains why growing a business is simply a start to creating a legacy to benefit others and our world. Listeners receive Laura's book "Stop the Spinning; Move from Surviving to Thriving" as a FREE gift! Tune in to this exciting discussion and learn to "Give to Grow" and improve your life as well as the lives of those around you. @lauragisbornefan @beunity @livingunity #UORBuzz @unityonlinradio

This week on Abundance, Inc. speaker, teacher, and psychologist, Dr. Don Smith shares the value of combining psychological understanding with spiritual principles to Drive Your Brain to change your beliefs and achieve greater success, health, happiness and abundance. Dr. Don has a PhD in psychology with an emphasis on how the Framing of Information affects cognitive behavioral change. He was a tenured professor teaching psychology at the College level for over 23 years. Dr. Don is a professional speaker and member of the National Speakers Association and makes complex ideas easy and fun to understand. Dr. Don’s desire has been to combine psychological principles with spiritual understanding so that people can make permanent changes in their lives that provide them with greater happiness, health, abundance and freedom! Tune in for a fun and lively discussion that will help you to Drive Your Brain to your desired destination.  @d.b.smith @beunity @livingunity #UORBuzz @unityonlinradio

This week on Abundance, Inc. speaker, teacher and publisher, Steve Hasenberg, MA, MFCC shares his journey from near death to teaching the value of meditation as a tool to experience greater success and live a more powerful life.  He has spent the last 35 years studying the sacred technologies of many cultures, and integrating them into the framework of Western Psychology. Steve describes mystical experiences that led to the creation of the YouTube series, “Secrets of the Universe ~ Walking the Conscious Path” Steve has designed and presented stress management and meditation programs for major corporations and the military. Tune in this week to learn the value of meditation and the Secrets of the Universe.   @stevehasenberg @beunity @livingunity #UORBuzz @unityonlinradio Listen to it here! 

This week on Abundance, Inc. author, speaker, musician and publisher, Keith Leon S shares his life saving story from his book, Walking with my Angels. After numerous challenges and several near death experiences, Keith’s guardian angel gave him a choice which turned his life around.Tune in to learn how to rely on your inner guidance system and heavenly helpers to guide you to live a more fulfilling life. Listen to it here! @keithleon1 @youspeakitbooks @beunity @livingunity #UORBuzz @unityonlinradio

This week on Abundance, Inc. author, speaker, entrepreneur and host of The Leaders of Transformation, Nicole Jansen shares tips to discover your greatness and live life at the next level. Her message is one of empowerment, focus, and relentless commitment to being the best you can be; that the road to success is paved with conscious awareness, inspired action, and fostering meaningful connections with others. Tune in to learn tips to consciously take your success to the next level! @discovertheedge @beunity @livingunity #UORBuzz @unityonlinradio 

This week on Abundance, Inc. Emmy nominated actor, author, producer and founder of Cancer Schmancer, Fran Dresher shares tips to transform the nation’s current sick care system into one that focuses on genuine health care. Ms. Dresher is a 19-year cancer survivor and leading holistic health advocate who shares her compelling personal survival story and methods for early cancer detection and prevention. As Fran says, "catch it on arrival, 90% survival."  Tune in and learn how to throw a Trash Cancer Party! You don't want to miss this show. @cancerschmancer @dresher @beunity @livingunity #UORBuzz @unityonlinradio

Abundance, Inc. welcomes best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur and media personality, Heather Picken who shares Spiritual Tips to shift your mindset and The Neuroscience of Success as a formula to move from fearful to Fearless and Fabulous! Tune in to learn how to breakthrough fear and limitations that hold you back. Be inspired and empowered to create your best life now! Tune in on Friday at 11am CT to learn more. www.unityonlineradio.org/abundance-inc @heatherpicken @eatherpickenLDV

Abundance, Inc. welcomes author, speaker, media personality, and reformed hedge fund manager, Stu Zimmerman who shares how you can easily elevate your consciousness and improve the quality of your life while simultaneously having fun! At events, Stu often demonstrates how you can improve your financial circumstances and change your inner being – it all starts with something that he calls A-Bun-Dance! We'll learn the importance of creating wealth beyond money. Tune in on Friday at 11am CT to learn more. www.unityonlineradio.org/abundance-inc.

Abundance, Inc. is delighted to welcome award winning author, poet, speaker and spiritual leader, Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian.who shows us how to find prosperity through the ancient wisdom of yoga. Yogacharya O'Brian is the Spiritual Director of the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment and shares tips from her latest book, The Jewel of Abundance. She'll identify how spirituality and earthly success can complement each other and lead to the realization of your higher Self. True abundance is your Divine Right and a spiritual practice can help you to receive it. Tune in on Friday at 11am to learn more. Listen to it here.

On Abundance, Inc., our guest is Dr. Eric Pearl, the author of The Reconnection; Heal Others, Heal Yourself which has been published in 40 languages. Dr. Pearl shares his journey in discovering the intelligence of the Reconnective Healing ® frequencies to make infinite healing and evolution fully accessible to all. People in more than 100 countries have learned the Reconnective Healing language and frequencies to heal themselves and others. If you're ready to experience a new level of healing and understanding, you don't want to miss this show. Listen to it here.

On Abundance, Inc., our guest is author, speaker, and founder of the Life of Learning Center of Spiritual Discovery, Guy Finley who will share tips from his new book RELATIONSHIP MAGIC—WAKING UP TOGETHER which includes unique enlightened tools that will help us to transform our relationships from mundane to magical. Guy is the acclaimed author of The Secret of Letting Go and more than 45 other books and audio programs that have sold over two million copies in 26 languages worldwide. His work is widely endorsed by doctors, business professionals, celebrities, and religious leaders of all denominations. To learn tips for Waking Up to the Magic in Relationships, don't miss this show. Listen to it here

Abundance, Inc. is excited to welcome the "First Lady of Fitness," Elaine LaLanne. At 92 years young, Elaine shares what she's learned as a powerful partner to fitness icon Jack LaLanne and how to move through the difficult times of losing loved ones by using spiritual and physical tools. Elaine will share insights from her latest book, If You Want to Live, Move: Putting the Boom Back Into Boomers. Don't miss this inspirational show to create the life you love at any age. Listen to it here

May McCarthy talks with author and entrepreneur Svetlana Kim, who shares success tips as part of her journey chronicled in her book, The White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee. Svetlana shares her story of arriving in the United States in 1991 with one dollar in her pocket and not speaking the language to becoming a best-selling author, speaker, and media personality.  Listen to it here

Abundance, Inc. welcomes author and speaker Dr. Leslie Wells, who serves as an evangelist of the inspired teachings of E.V.E Consciousness. These teachings bring understanding to many around the world of how to move into their purpose by aligning to create their own reality. Using the Technology of Faith and awareness of their own Energetic Vibrational Escrow, we can move from victims who feel life happens to us, to creators, where we know life happens through us.  Listen to it here

Abundance, Inc. welcomes author, Licensed Councelor and Master Coach, Dr. Jayne Gardner who shares how combining spirituality and neuroscience can provide a clear path for conscious evolution and self-development. Dr. Gardner is the Founder of the Divine Intelligence Institute where she shares the psychology and science involved in spiritual transformation. In her book, Divine Intelligence, Dr. Gardner shows us how to move past limiting beliefs and out of our conditioned selves to experience a higher level of success and freedom. Learn to discover the Divine within you so that you can create the life of your dreams! Don't miss this powerful show with practical and spiritual tools to tranform your life! See all recordings here

On Abundance Inc this week we learn how to Use a Cosmic 2X4 to Hit a Home Run and Overcome Adversity with guest Dr.Judy Morley. Dr. Morley is a popular speaker, entrepreneur, and author who teaches Intuitive Leadership, a cure for one-size-fits-all management tools that seldom “stick.” Dr. Morley will share her latest book, "Use the Cosmic 2×4 to Hit a Home Run: 5 Steps to Overcome Adversity", that outline the tools she used to overcome Stage 4 cancer more than 15 years ago. Tune in for tips to succeed in business and life.

(Encore Show) On Abundance, Inc. this week, successful serial entrepreneur, author and international speaker, May McCarthy shares how setting aside just 30 minutes each morning can help you to increase financial abundance in your life. Tune in to learn the simple tools that Inc. magazine calls a “simple morning ritual to prime your brain for success.” Don’t delay in creating the life that you love.

Abundance, Inc. is pleased to welcome guest, Asma Ishaq to our show this week Asma shares how to discover first priorities so that you can craft your work life around them. She'll show you the keys to finding meaning and purpose in your work by giving something back through business. As a single mother, Asma Ishaq co-founded Jusuru International in 2009 and had a successful sale of the company in 2017. She has received prestigious awards, served as Committee Member for the Council of Responsible Nutrition and on the Advisory Board of IFRANA, spoken at numerous industry conferences, and appeared on Fox, CBS, ABC, and NPR. Tune in for this empowering show.

(Encore Show) This week on Abundance, Inc. with May McCarthy we welcome Rev. Dr. John Waterhouse to discuss how to obtain spiritual freedom and whether apologizing is necessary as a part of learning. Rev. Dr. Waterhouse holds a PhD in Organizational Psychology and is the author of two books - Five Steps to Freedom: An Introduction to Spiritual Mind Treatment and The Sorry Syndrome: How to Learn from Missteps Without Apologizing. For the past 23 years, he has been the Co-Founding Minister of Center for Spiritual Living, Asheville North Carolina and the Founding Director of Spirit Rising, a Centers for Spiritual Living focus ministry, which is dedicated to supporting ministers and ministries throughout the world. Rev. Dr. Waterhouse was the first elected President of Centers for Spiritual Living and the organizations first Field Leader. Learn more at www.cslasheville.org

This week on Abundance, Inc. author and entrepreneur, Svetlana Kim, shares success tips as part of her journey chronicled in her book, The White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee. Svetlana describes leaving Russia for the United States in 1991, where she arrived with only one dollar in her pocket and not a single word of English at her disposal. Today, she is a best selling author, media personality, professional speaker and leader among her peers in the business world. Tune in to discover tips to overcome adversity to succeed in creating the life that you love!

Physical and spiritual well being are keys to living a successful life! On Abundance Inc this week our guest is New York Times best selling author and nutrition trendsetter Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman. For over 30 years, Dr. Gittleman has been a pioneer and was recognized as one of the top ten nutritionists in the country by Self magazine. She rewrites the rules of nutrition yet again in her latest book, Radical Metabolism and she'll share some tips for those who have sluggish metabolisms and struggle with their health and weight. A healthy life is a vital part of a successful life.

Do you ever agree to help others and later feel some resentment about it? Tune in this week to Abundance Inc. where we uncover why it's important to evaluate requests for your time, talents and resources before agreeing to help others. Learn three valuable questions to answer before saying yes to a request. Discover why saying No can lead to a higher and greater Good for all!

Published studies show that there are numerous psychological, emotional and physical benefits of forgiveness. Tune in to Abundance Inc to discover how to use the spiritual practice of Forgiveness as a tool for success. You'll learn three tips to set you free so more of your desires will manifest in your life. Take back your power and live the free and abundant life that you love! Forgiveness is for you, not for someone else.

This week on Abundance Inc our guest is Lynnis Woods-Mullins who reveals why faith and courage lead to success in business and life. She shares how after spending 25 years in Corporate America as a Human Resource Professional, she changed directions with God's help and is now happier than ever as a successful Holistic Living & Wellness Expert, Chief Online Media Strategist, and Publisher/Editor.

This week on Abundance, Inc. with May McCarthy we welcome Rev. Dr. John Waterhouse to discuss how to obtain spiritual freedom and whether apologizing is necessary as a part of learning.Rev. Dr. Waterhouse holds a PhD in Organizational Psychology and is the author of two books - Five Steps to Freedom: An Introduction to Spiritual Mind Treatment and The Sorry Syndrome: How to Learn from Missteps Without Apologizing.  For the past 23 years, he has been the Co-Founding Minister of Center for Spiritual Living, Asheville North Carolina and the Founding Director of Spirit Rising, a Centers for Spiritual Living focus ministry, which is dedicated to supporting ministers and ministries throughout the world. Rev. Dr. Waterhouse was the first elected President of Centers for Spiritual Living and the organizations first Field Leader. Learn more at www.cslasheville.org

Serial entrepreneur, investor and best-selling author, May McCarthy, will share simple tools to help you to experience more miracles, more often. As Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” You'll discover that you have the power to choose and can use Spiritual Tools to enable miracles to happen with greater frequency - miracles will become typical for you!

Faith without action is dead, and a wish is just a wish without a plan of action. Let multimillionairs serial entrepreneur, author and investor, May McCarthy show you how to develop Action Faith as confidence through accumulating proof that Spiritual Principles can be relied on to manifest your desires. Action faith is a key to delivering greater happiness, wealth, health and success in your life!

Studies show that living your purpose enables you to enjoy a healthier and happier life. Let highly successful serial entrepreneur, author and international speaker, May McCarthy on Abundance Inc. show you how your purpose is also a tool for prosperity. You’ll learn a simple process to discover your purpose so that you can live with greater success and happiness! May will also share how the Harvard Business Review revealed that companies with clearly defined purpose statements are more profitable. Now is the time to live your purpose and enjoy greater health and prosperity!

Join May McCarthy for the debut of Abundance Inc. A highly successful serial entrepreneur, author and international speaker, May is an expert in helping people and businesses reach their goals for success and prosperity. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, don’t dread the work that you do! Discover ways to do the work that you love and make money at the same time. May shares the story of how she created several multi-million dollar businesses using spiritual and practical tools and offers you solid advice you can apply to your work and your life. 

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